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15 Different Seminars



How to Transform Sinful Thoughts and Habits into God-Pleasing Patterns of Life

Steve Etner, Osceola, IN
Author/Speaker, The Pure Man Ministry

It is life-changing when we discover that at the core of our sinful habits is wrong thinking.  Proverbs 23:7 says, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”  We are going to discover – from God’s Word – how to clean our thoughts and live as godly men.








Men’s Ministry That Works 101

Adam North, Trinity, NC 
Southeast Area Director, Every Man A Warrior

This seminar will be held twice – once for Pioneering Men (ages 20-29) and once for Full Throttle Men (ages 30-54)

From following The Leaders Guide, to laying your life down for The Brethren – come and get the training you need to help the souls GOD brings to you to Walk with Him, succeed in life, and spiritually multiply.








The Six Structural Elements of Effective Churches

Vince D’Acchioli, Monument, CO
Founder/CEO, On Target Ministries

This seminar is for Pastors

This powerful seminar examines the practices of churches that are bringing about meaningful life-change and as a result are transforming their communities.  For many churches success is measured by the number of people attending or the size of their building projects and budget.  Truly effective churches are determined to measure spiritual depth—not numerical breadth and have developed strategies to reach and grow their men.

In studying over 200 churches throughout North America, Vince D’Acchioli has developed a comprehensive outline of best-practices from these churches.  During this seminar you will have the opportunity to compare how your church is doing in six critical areas.  The workshop is designed for Senior Pastors who are encouraged to bring their associates and elders along.


Get Fit 4 Christ

Lyle Johnson, Memphis, TN
Founder, Get Fit 4 Christ

Get the shocking truth on what you must do to improve your health—God’s Way.  This seminar shows you how to develop great skills on three of the most important components in life.






Power to Live Today

Mike Masters, Tonawanda, NY
Director, Cross Training Athletics

This seminar is for Emerging Men (ages 13-19)

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and of a sound mind.  2 Timothy 1:7
Jesus said, “Most assuredly, today you will be with me in Paradise.”  Also, “Assuredly I say to you, if you have faith and do not doubt…”  Jesus makes many of these assuredly statements which encourage us for these end times.  Now is not the time to shrink back, but to step up.  This seminar will encourage you, equip you, and empower you to live for today.



Man Up! In Search of True Heroes

Bill Gibbons, Lima, NY
Christian Grandparenting Network

This seminar is for Seasoned Men (ages 55+)

Missing real heroes in their lives, many children and youth adopt heroes of dubious character based solely upon popularity or the promise of something to fill the void in their life. Boys seem to bear a particularly high price for that void, though girls are greatly impacted as well.  This scarcity of godly, paternal influences in the lives of our children and grandchildren has produced a serious problem—the hearts, minds and souls of another generation are being taken captive. New heroes are needed—men like Caleb. Grandfathers can be that kind of hero. But what is a hero?


Tried & True:  Essential Traits for Ministry Leaders

Ricky Jenkins, Memphis, TN
Teaching Pastor/Scholar-in-Residence, Fellowship Memphis Church

The culture’s moral decline continues to impress itself upon the church in damaging ways. Broken families. Absent fathers. A lack of vision for the gospel-centered life. Leaders consume their time and energy attacking these issues. But what if the biggest issue is the leader himself? Whether a Pastor, ministry or corporate leader, or a Dad, your sound leadership is ESSENTIAL if we are to arrive at God’s vision for better days. This workshop will equip you with ESSENTIAL biblical leadership traits to get your team back on God’s track.


Getting Into the Word

Brian Stebick, Hamburg, NY
Assistant Director, Camp Hickory Hill

This seminar is for Emerging and Pioneering Men (ages 13-29)

Do you have difficulty getting excited about reading your Bible? The Bible is a gift; God’s written Word communicating His message to us. In this seminar we will learn how to revolutionize your Bible time! Gain new methods, tools and ideas for making your Bible reading an exciting time that will allow you to grow closer to God. 



Real Men in a Real Marriage

Arnie Guin, Grand Island, NY
Lead Pastor, Cornerstone Church

What does it takes to be a real man within the context of our marriage? Too many men think they need to give up their manhood to have a happy marriage.  God’s design is to continue to grow in our manhood while loving our spouse the way she uniquely needs to be loved.  Join Pastor Arnie for this practical seminar for tips on how to hold on to your manhood while loving your spouse.




What Would You Do To Show a Man He Needs Jesus?

Leroy Wiggins, Getzville, NY
Men’s Ministry Pastor, The Chapel

This seminar is for Men’s Ministry Leaders

Are we committed to doing what’s necessary to be a ministry to the men in our circle of influence?  Do we even recognize or know our men, or do we walk by them?  Above and beyond the church’s role, what is your personal responsibility to be a ministry to men?



Your New Money Mindset

Eric Roth, Churchville, NY
Financial Representative, Thrivent Financial

 Wealth has little to do with how much you have, but about your mindset of those resources God has given you.  Learn about money as a tool, not a trainer.





From Crisis to Christ, the Journey of a Father

Steve Demme, Lititz, PA
Husband & Father, Building Faith Families

This seminar is for Full Throttle Men (ages 30-54)

With all of the best intentions, Steve set out to be the best Dad he could be for his four sons who are now adults. This adventure in parenting is a lifelong process and he is still learning how to have his heart restored to his children. As a dad he made many mistakes and had many of his own blind spots revealed. Thankfully God is a Redeemer and does work all things together for good.


Living by His Design

Steve Pylypiak, Lyndonville, NY
President, Liberty Christian Coaching

Statistics show that in a lifetime most people will change jobs ten times, and some 90% of American’s don’t like their jobs. Often that’s because we’re not tapping into our core passions and strengths, or we’ve lose sight of God’s perspective of work. Yet work is a place where we write a significant part of our life story. In this interactive and highly engaging presentation, men will learn about how God views work and engages with it? They’ll learn about the common career struggles faced by a
high percentage of our society today and consider why God created work and what the Bible says about work.  Participants are sure to walk away with a renewed vision of why we work, how we’re supposed to work, and the kind of work we should be doing.


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Six Principles That Will Improve How You Communicate

Steve Demme, Lititz, PA
Husband & Father, Building Faith Families

The basis for building relationships in your marriage and family is healthy communication. In this workshop we will learn six techniques for speaking with clarity, listening with understanding, and how to operate in an atmosphere where parents and children feel safe and valued.