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16 Different Seminars



Why Anger Makes Me Smile

Dr Ken Nash, Hamburg, NY
Lead Pastor, Wesleyan Church of Hamburg

Have you ever attempted to free yourself from the web of anger only to find that the more you struggle the more escalated your anger becomes?  What if we misunderstand this emotion and God’s purpose for it? The Scriptures instruct us to be angry but to not sin in our anger.  In this session, you will discover what that means and how to confront it with wisdom and maturity.  Through our time together, you will discover the ways God calls us to channel our anger in healthy ways for a healthy life.



Finding Noah: Finding Grace

Kevin DeVries, Grand Rapids, MI 
President, Grace Explorations

God’s glory is secrecy. The glory of mankind is the search. (Proverbs 25:2)  We’re all Noah, searching for the same mystery that filled man with marvel while mankind drowned in madness. (Genesis 6:8, 8:1)  The greatest discovery in life is Who finds you when you are looking for something else. (Ephesians 2:8-9)






The Decisive Influence of a Man

Bill Farrel, Oxnard, CA
Founder & Director, Love-Wise

Men have their greatest influence in the lives of those they love in the area of decision-making. Kids look to their dads to learn how to make decisions. Co-workers learn to trust us when we make good decisions. Our wives trust us at a higher level when we make sound choices. People who are watching our lives tend to evaluate our input based on our wisdom when it comes to decision-making. At the same time, most men lack a strategy for making decisions. We choose by instinct or accident and hope it turns out well. In The Decisive Influence of a Man, we will discuss the importance of decision-making and discover a series of tests we can apply to any decision to guide us to wise choices.


Red Light Doctrine

Nick Liberto, Lynchburg, VA
Executive Director, Proven Men

In this seminar we will learn the consequences of not teaching sexual truth. How non-confrontation turned an Elephant in the room into a Lion in the pew. 






The King Chooses You!

Mike Masters, Tonawanda, NY
Director, Cross Training Athletics

This seminar is for Emerging and Pioneering Men (ages 13-29)

The bible says many are called but few are chosen. Jesus states in John 15:16, “You did not choose me but I chose you.” This seminar will look at the heart of those God has chosen in the past. God’s eyes still go to and fro looking for someone to stand in the GAP. God can make the weak things strong and will show himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him. Get ready it is time, He wants to choose you!


Are You Plugged In?

Dan Seaborn, Zeeland, MI
President and Founder, Winning At Home

This seminar is for Full Throttle Men (ages 34-54)

Technology is changing things – not just when it comes to automated cars and thermostats we control with apps. It’s changing what life looks like for the kids and teens in our lives. Come find out how to stay connected!




Tried & True:  Essential Traits for Ministry Leaders

Ricky Jenkins, Memphis, TN
Teaching Pastor/Scholar-in-Residence, Fellowship Memphis Church

The culture’s moral decline continues to impress itself upon the church in damaging ways. Broken families. Absent fathers. A lack of vision for the gospel-centered life. Leaders consume their time and energy attacking these issues. But what if the biggest issue is the leader himself? Whether a Pastor, ministry or corporate leader, or a Dad, your sound leadership is ESSENTIAL if we are to arrive at God’s vision for better days. This workshop will equip you with ESSENTIAL biblical leadership traits to get your team back on God’s track.




How to Chaplain Your Workplace

Marc Porpilia, Fairport, NY
Chaplain, Hockey Ministries International

You want to love your neighbor as yourself, but how?  You want to spread the gospel in your own circle of fronds, but how?  You want to be a light for the Lord at work, but also fear coming on too strong.  Join Rev. Marc Porpilia, chaplain to the Buffalo Sabres through Hockey Ministries International, as we look into the practical application of bringing God’s Kingdom into the workplace.






Our Good Father

Pierre Eade, Yardley, PA
Pastor & Author, Christian Growth Network

After studying the words of Jesus to better understand the nature of God the Father, Pierre discovered an amazing revelation, “Jesus wants us to know, ‘My Father is good.’” Pierre will share with you some of the life transforming truths he has written about in his latest book, Our Good Father.  In this seminar you will; discover or rediscover the Father’s love for you through the words of Jesus, experience how the Father’s love can transform your life, understand the power and significance of your role as a biological or spiritual father, find healing for the “father wound” of your soul, be equipped and empowered to minister the healing power of the Father’s love, and walk away refreshed, renewed and invigorated by the transforming power of God’s love.


Old Irons and New Swords

Dale Kinkade, Leavittsburg, OH
Regional Director, CSB Ministries

This seminar is for Emerging (age 13-19) AND Seasoned Men (age 55+)

“Old guys are out of touch.” “Young guys are clueless.” Don’t tell that to Paul and Timothy! God never meant for you to just hang out with your own generation. Let’s bring it together.




What To Do When You’re Just Not Into Worship

Dan Macaulay, Williamsville, NY
Worship Leader, Songwriter, Dan Macaulay Music

 The music starts up and your mind starts to wander… Thoughts like “What time does the game start?” and “How can I solve that problem at work” might be more in the forefront than worship… There may be very little in you that feels like singing and it’s quite possible that the thought of even approaching God is met with reminders of your guilt and failures. It could be that going through the motions to keep up appearances seems like the best option. Ever been there? Let’s talk about what to do when we’re there and put some practical tools in our back pockets to help!


How To Be Your Wife’s Best Friend

Bill Farrel, Oxnard, CA
Founder & Director, Love-Wise

You got married because you love your wife and enjoy the way she interrupts your life. After you got married, you discovered she approaches life very differently than you do. Studies show that the number predicter or success in long-term marriages is the friendship that exists between a husband and a wife. In How to be Your Wife’s Best Friend we will explore practical ways to keep your wife’s heart connected to you, meet the need she feels most often and communicate effectively even if you aren’t great with words.


Life’s Bend in the Road

Pat Kleitz, East Aurora, NY
Pastor, Crossroads Christian Church

I never saw it coming- stage 4 bladder cancer!  I was at a “bend in the road.”  Many people avoided me because they didn’t know what to say or how to help.  At this point of need, you can know what to say, how to help, how make a life-changing impact on anyone who is standing at a “bend in the road.”


Finding Refreshment in the Lord

Pierre Eade, Yardley, PA
Pastor & Author, Christian Growth Network

In this seminar Pierre will cover five biblical means of finding refreshment in the Lord: gratitude, waiting on God in prayer, meditating on the Word, journaling/listening to God’s voice and repentance. Every one of these lessons comes with a practical application.


Mission Possible

Bill Clark, Buffalo, NY
Pastor, New Bethel Community Church

We will take a look at the nature of our cross-cultural mission to carry the gospel to the ends of the earth and its achievability through the authority of Jesus Christ.  Matthew 28:16-20



Financial IQ: Retirement Readiness

David Moore, Naples, NY
Financial Advisor, Financial Partners of Upstate NY

Getting ready for retirement is about more than just money. When people think about preparing for retirement, they generally think about retirement in terms of money – the money they have (or haven’t yet) saved. However, being prepared for retirement is about more than just what is in your financial portfolio.