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16 Different Seminars


A Guy’s Guide to Overcoming Temptation

Mike Ross, St. Charles, MO
Author & Speaker, Family Resources

This seminar is all about Christ’s unmerited grace, His unfathomable love, and His unstoppable freedom from the countless things that hold us down. Whether you’re a new Christian, struggling to change the habits of your former way of life, or a longtime believer who has stumbled into soul-robbing thoughts and behaviors, the simple strategies detailed in this presentation are designed for men of all ages and all levels of spiritual maturity. After this seminar men will recognize the four stages of temptation, identify their vulnerabilities to sinful behavior, and chart a realistic plan for lasting change.


How to Chaplain Your Workplace

Marc Porpilia, Fairport, NY 
Chaplain, Hockey Ministries International

You want to love your neighbor as yourself, but how?  You want to spread the gospel in your own circle of friends, but how?  You want to be a light for the Lord at work, but also fear coming on too strong.  Join Marc Porpilia, Chaplain to the Buffalo Sabres through Hockey Ministries International, as we look into the practical application of bringing God’s Kingdom into the workplace.



What They Need to Know

Jim Walton, Williamsville, NY
Founder, The Third Choice

An apologetics presentation of our basic beliefs to help you withstand our culture’s more frequent attacks against Christianity. There is never cause to desert or doubt Christianity. There is solid research and good evidence for what we believe. 




Blueprints for Constructing a Sustainable Ministry

Wayne Burroughs, Alexander, NY
Area Director, Man in the Mirror

Solve the problems of starting strong, then fading or burning out. After an overview of the No Man Left Behind model of ministry, we will construct a successful short term/long term ministry scenario.





The Manner of Man: The Blessing of Divine Alignment

Kelvin Cochran, Atlanta, GA
Chief Operating Officer, Elizabeth Baptist Church

This seminar introduces a biblical framework for how God works in the life of a man to fulfill his purpose, calling, and destiny.  After this seminar, a man will know his purpose and have a greater sense of his calling.  Men who attend will leave with a framework to establish a specific action plan for growing and maturing to be all that God created them to be.



What To Do When You’re Just Not Into Worship

Dan Macaulay, Williamsville, NY
Worship Leader/Song Writer, Dan Macaulay Music

The music starts up and your mind starts to wander… Thoughts like “What time does the game start?” and “How can I solve that problem at work” might be more in the forefront than worship… There may be very little in you that feels like singing and it’s quite possible that the thought of even approaching God is met with reminders of your guilt and failures. It could be that going through the motions to keep up appearances seems like the best option. Ever been there? Let’s talk about what to do when we’re there and put some practical tools in our back pockets to help!


What Would You Do To Show a Man He Needs Jesus?

Leroy Wiggins, Getzville, NY
Campus & Men’s Ministry Pastor, Iron Men Ministries

This seminar is for Men’s Ministry Leaders

Are we committed to doing what’s necessary to be a ministry to the men in our circle of influence? Do we even recognize or know our men, or do we walk by them? Above and beyond the church’s role, what is your personal responsibility to be a ministry to men?





Why Anger Makes Me Smile

Ken Nash, Hamburg, NY
Lead Pastor, Watermark Wesleyan Church

Have you ever attempted to free yourself from the web of anger only to find that the more you struggle the more escalated your anger becomes?  What if we misunderstand this emotion and God’s purpose for it? The Scriptures instruct us to be angry but to not sin in our anger.  In this session, you will discover what that means and how to confront it with wisdom and maturity.  Through our time together, you will discover the ways God calls us to channel our anger in healthy ways for a healthy life.



Strengthen the Parent-Child Connection

Mike Ross, St. Charles, MO
Author & Speaker, Family Resources

As husbands and fathers, men have the greatest influence in the lives of their children—even though their kids don’t always show it. A man’s attention means everything to their families. This fast-paced, media-driven session is filled with practical ways men can connect with their kids … and nurture a child’s spiritual growth. Michael will help men of all ages implement age-appropriate object lessons and discussion starters that will deepen a child’s faith, discover creative ways of seizing Proverbs 22:6 so they can train up their kids, and consistently spend quality time with their families.


The Eyes of the Heart: Reading the Bible for Growth and Transformation

Michael Jordan, Houghton, NY
Dean of the Chapel, Houghton College

It’s easy to read the Bible for head knowledge, or for personal direction.  Both of these are fine, but we can easily miss how God wants to use the Bible to change our hearts and give us freedom to follow Him into His abundant life.  In this seminar, we’ll talk about how to read the Bible for a change of heart and mind.




Old Iron and New Swords

Dale Kinkade, Leavittsburg, OH
Regional Director, CSB Ministries

This seminar is for Emerging (ages 13-19) AND Seasoned Men (age 55+)

“Old guys are out of touch.”  “Young guys are clueless.”  Don’t tell that to Paul and Timothy!  God never meant for you to just hang out with your own generation. Let’s bring it together.



You Are The Man For Her

Reggie Holder, Nashville, TN
Elder, Made In His Image

This seminar is for Pioneering and Full Throttle Men (ages 20-54)

The greatness of man is revealed in many areas.  Sports, education, sales or church, men achieve and advance with a confidence that had to come from the supernatural.  Some of these same men cower and fade when challenged with loving their wives. The confidence to land the deal, make the presentation or win the debate disappears.  Each man is equipped to win, born for this, made for this – but most men don’t know it. Most have never seen it modeled but it is a part of every husband.  You are the man for her.


If You’ve Passed Your Baton, Take It Back

Scott Haima, Hamburg, NY
President, CSB Ministries

This seminar is for Seasoned Men (ages 55+)

 As the church has been focusing on a new generation and targeting their programs and emphasis on what they call the future, we are overlooking the greatest wealth in the church and country—our seniors.  Over the years we have told our seniors to step aside while we focus on the younger generations. Tragically, our seniors have done just what we have asked to do. We have confused the “baton of engagement” with the “mantle of leadership.” When a runner passes the baton, he quits running and is required to get off the track. Nowhere in God’s word does it tell us to quit. We are to raise up new leaders but we are to stay engaged. This workshop will provide insights into strategies and resources for engaging our seniors in the raising up of a new generation of leaders.


The 3 P’s – Priest, Prophet, Provider

Reggie Holder, Nashville, TN
Elder, Made In His Image

As our society continues to redefine many of the norms we’ve come accustomed to, there is a question which no one dares ask:  What is the primary role of the man in the home today? Men are left to wander without direction or any viable solution.  The real truth is that the organic roles of the male have never changed. So what’s the confusion?  The confusion is these roles are not discussed.  In the 3 P’s we reintroduce the God given positions all men are endowed with. It’s time to lead in all the places we were created to. Let’s take our positions so our families can follow.


Rejecting Passivity in Light of the Gospel

Nick Calcagno, Tonawanda, NY
Youth Minister, Renewal Church

Do you ever find yourself being passive in life situations you know you must be courageous in? As men, it can be easy to be anchored down by passivity. So in light of the gospel, how can we overcome it? Come join me as we dive into the Scripture to find out.



The Gospel for Dummies: An Idiot’s Guide to a Bright Future

Nels Ross, East Amherst, NY
President, In Jest

This seminar is for Emerging and Pioneering Men (ages 13-29)