(Re)connect with Christian Service Brigade today!

You Can Make A Difference

If you are a former Brigadier, Parent or , Leader you know how your life and the lives around you were forever changed by the investment made by the men in your unit.

An Opportunity To Serve

There are so many ways that former leaders, brigadiers, and parents can continue to serve. Below are just a few ideas. If Brigade has had a profound influence on you then we strongly encourage you to connect with us, reach out, and let us help you find a way to give back.

  • Honor a Leader Tell us about a leader who influenced your life
  • Share Your Expertise Whether it’s helping with a national CSB initiative, helping provide content for a new module, or Telling a story at Stockade, you have been given gifts you can share.
  • Visit a Unit 30 minutes of your time sharing your stories and knowledge can have a lasting impact on a boy.

Simply be an Advocate

We need those whose lives have been impacted by our ministry to spread the word and the ministry. Simply start talking to pastors, parents, and men at your church about the impact CSB made in your life.  We’d love to equip you with tools to make sharing easier just let us know you’re interested. If there is no CSB ministry at your church please let us know so we can check with your church to see if there might be a good fit.

An Opportunity To Stay In Touch

Exciting changes are taking place in Christian Service Brigade. We want to make sure you don’t miss out on hearing about the lives that are being changed, the tools we are making available, and the work god continues to do through this ministry. Let’s get connected.

An Opportunity To Re-Connect

Some of the most memorable experiences and deepest relationships a man has experienced were made possible while involved in Christian service Brigade. We are seeking ways to progressively reconnect with you and to help you reconnect with former Brigadiers and Leaders.

An Opportunity To Give Back

We are pursuing really big goals as a ministry. The field is truly white unto harvest and boys and young men are in desperate need of discipleship. Your financial partnership is absolutely neccesary to equipping men with the tools to forever impact the lives of boys.

Connect Financially

Estate Giving

If you are interested in pursuing the opportunity to give from your estate or similar interests please contact our Donor Development Director. Christian Rosado (800) 815-5573 crosado@csbministries.org