Exciting News and Opportunity

Thank you for your feedback, encouragement, and suggestions for the future of the ministry through the survey we put out last week. We wanted to share with you the results and how we are already taking action on your feedback.

On governance, the survey strongly suggested that we add to the board and seek to find those with CSB experience who can give their time and passion to moving the ministry forward. The board voted to add three more board members as soon as possible with the ability for anyone to self-nominate and go through the application process. We will also be seeking leaders who have expertise in specific areas that can help guide us in strategic planning.

We are excited to get our new board in place very soon. Your passionate response has reminded us of your desire to participate in helping CSB thrive for the years to come.

If you or someone you recommend are interested in being on the CSB Board of Directors, please enter your contact info here or forward this email to the person you recommend.

Our Direction Based on Your Feedback

Feedback indicated that partnering with TLUSA was not a high priority. The CSB board will not be making any decisions until the new board is set in place. The top 5 areas you did suggest we focus on were:
  • Market our CSB programs to more churches
  • Host more events like father-son adventure days, camp-o-ramas, and StocKar derbies to bring boys into CSB and encourage new units
  • Develop technology to better reach this generation and better access our discipleship materials
  • Outreach to our CSB alumni and invite them to more involvement
  • Support regional networking among church units through camp ministry
This is a great start to focus our ministry on reaching more boys for Christ’s kingdom and developing Godly men for today and tomorrow!
The CSB Board

Mark Your Calendar: 

The next Roundtable is scheduled for October 12th, 8pm ET.