Throughout Christian Service Brigade’s long-standing history, a diversity of men have stepped into leadership roles by becoming member’s of our Board of Directors. These men have brought to bear their unique skills, talents, and experiences and have provided the guidance and wisdom to help to ensure our men’s ministry fulfills its primary mission to help with “Building Godly Men of Today and Tomorrow.”

The men listed below represent our current Board of Directors. We are blessed to have their guidance and stewardship of Christian Service Brigade.

Together, in partnership with our National Office Staff and Field Team, fueled by our shared faith in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, we continue to strive for a vibrant vision and future for this ministry that was started many years ago by Brigade’s founder, Joe Coughlin.

Scott Haima,


Chairman of the Board

Wayne is the Chairman of the Board for CSB Ministries – the culmination of half a century of involvement with Christian Service Brigade (CSB) programs including Tree Climbers, Stockade, and Battalion. Born and raised in the suburban Philadelphia PA area,  Wayne attended Stockade and Battalion in his local church as a youth, then continued to serve as a Ranger, Chief Ranger, Lieutenant, and Captain of his local unit #1259. Through his college years and beyond, Wayne continued to serve in the Delaware Valley region by supporting Regional Director Arden Musselman as well as working on the planning teams for regional events such as Tree Climber Overnights, Stockade Field Days, and Battalion Camp-O-Ramas.  Wayne was also a founding member of the team that created and ran the N-Counter events in 2011 and again in 2016 – a large multi-regional event that brought together teen boys and men from all over the East coast of the US.

Additionally, Wayne brings over two decades of board experience with non-profit organizations, including 9 years of service on the Haycock Camping Ministries board.  Wayne joined the CSB board in late 2018, and was elected to the position of Chairman in early 2019.  He brings his CSB background, his decades of board experience, and his passion for the inter-generational discipleship ministry of men to boys to bear on his new role.  Wayne has said that “This is the most satisfying job I’ve ever had, even with no paycheck”!

Wayne is currently a semi-retired landlord and real estate investor and continues to reside in the suburban Philadelphia area with his wife Barbara and his younger son Calvin. His older son Hank is currently living in Charlotte NC.  They enjoy attending Penn State football games together, as well as making frequent trips to Cape May to enjoy their vacation home there.

Vice Chair

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Nate Carbrey joined the board in December 2019 as the Treasurer, and also serves on the Executive Committee. He was born in Toronto, Ontario and now lives in Buffalo, NY with his wife, Elisabeth Carbrey, and two daughters, Ella (5) and Hope (3). He has served in various ministry leadership roles, ranging from directing the operations of children’s ministry events to overseeing annual budgets for ministries reaching middle and high school students. Nate spent one year in full-time ministry, serving college students at the University at Buffalo. He graduated from there with a BS/MBA degree in accounting in 2012, spent 7 years as an auditor at PwC. He now works at ACV Auctions as a Senior Manager, leading the Accounting Policy & Special Projects tearm. As an accounting professional, Nate will support the overall vision of CSB through the oversight for all financial matters. He looks forward to all that the Lord will do through CSB in the coming years.


Rob Dickerson is a local church pastor in Hilton, NY. He has been married to Terri for over 27 years and has 4 children. Rob first connected with CSB through Camp Hickory Hill. He serves as the Mighty Man Wilderness Program Director. Mighty Man is a leadership and wilderness program for Battalion age young men at CHH. Rob served for a year as Regional Director of the Eastern Great Lakes region in 2019 and joined the CSB National Board in 2020.

Board Member

Nick is a graduate of Liberty University as well as a husband, church leader, avid adventurer, and someone who is constantly looking for new and exciting ways to experience Jesus.  He grew up in CSB Battalion #6468 at Chapelgate Church in Marriottsville, MD.

Nick’s story is not unlike many other men. He has experienced the stronghold of the Internet on his generation and witnessed the toll it takes on a man’s identity and relationships. He has been discipling men within his sphere of influence for over a decade and seeks a revival which starts with the family and spreads across the nation. Nick has a unique view of the world and its ever-changing sexualized culture. It’s his calling to help men discover their strength in Christ so that they can become a resource to a dying world.

“Looking out into our world there are too many men being held back because they have not found freedom from sexual sin. The Lord has a calling and a plan for every man, and by gaining and retaining sexual integrity they are better equipped to reach the full potential that the Lord has for them.”

Matthew 25:21
His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Enter into the joy of your master!’

Executive Director 

Proven Men Ministries

Board Member

After graduation from high school in 1969 I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. I served 21 years in aviation, attained the rank of Master Sergeant, and retired in December of 1990.  After retirement I spent several years in the construction industry honing my skills as a carpenter. In 1997, I joined the staff of Delaware Valley College (now University), appointed Director of Plant Operations 1999.  I served as Plant Engineer until 2007. In March 2007, I accepted a position with Philadelphia Presbytery Homes as Senior Project Manager. In 2013, I joined McBrick Building Group as Project Manager/Estimator. I am currently retired.

Community service has always been important to me, from coaching Little League baseball, organizing neighborhood clean-up projects, to serving on the Boards of Directors of numerous professional and church organizations. A synopsis of that experience follows;

  • • 1997 – Appointed to serve on the Board of Central Community Church for a three-year term, held position as Treasurer during this time.
  • • 1999 – Appointed to the Board of Directors of the Delaware Valley Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers and subsequently served as Secretary, Treasurer, VP and President.
  • • 2000 – Appointed to the Board of Directors of the Highlands Community Association to fill a Board vacancy. Subsequently reelected to 6 consecutive 3-year terms, serving at least a one-year term in every officer position, including eleven one-year terms as President.
  • • 2007 – Appointed to the governing board of Crossroads Community Church with congregational support. Served one 3-year term. Served on the “Men of Crossroads” leadership team from 2010 – 2019

My personal ministry to and through men consists of Men’s, Couples, and New Christian bible studies as far back as 1981. I have been leading a Wednesday morning Men’s group since 2014.

Canadian Representative

Todd Wilson has served on the Canadian CSB Board of Directors for about 10 years and where he currently holds the role of Chairman.  He joined the US Board in November of 2019.  Todd and his wife Cheryl live in Port Perry, Ontario. They have three amazing kids, Josh (22), Kendal (20) and Jeremy (18).  Todd is the Chief Ranger of Stockade Builders #1118 of Calvary Baptist Church in Oshawa, Ontario.  He has served in CSB locally for almost 25 years, is member of the Deacons Board at his church, and leads a small group.  Todd works as a police officer and is the officer in charge of the training branch of the Durham Regional Police Service, just east of Toronto.  He also teaches part time at a local community college.  Todd and Cheryl love to travel as a couple and as a family.  He brings leadership, ministry experience and a passion for CSB to the board and looks forward to serving and following God’s direction in this vital ministry.

Board Member

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