Boy Scout Alternatives and Christian Service Brigade – Our Discipleship Difference

Parents concerned with today’s Changing Culture

Parents today are becoming increasingly concerned with the world and culture that their sons are growing up in. They see their boys being exposed daily to television, radio, and online content that is unhealthy from a Christian spiritual, ethical, and moral perspective. In fact, it’s hard to not go a day without being showered with news about greed, violence, or LGBTQ or transgender lifestyle.

Parents seeking Boy Scouts Alternatives

Even organizations like Boy Scouts of America are adapting their programs and policies in response to some of these cultural changes. It used to be that Boy Scouts of America had a sound Christian, moral, and ethical foundation on which all troops were based. Although some individual troops have kept the standards of their charter organization, Boy Scouts of America as a whole has moved from its Christian, moral and ethical roots to embrace the changing cultural norms. This is why many parents are searching for Boy Scouts alternatives because they want their sons to be involved in a program that compliments their own biblical world view.

Boys using mobile devices are exposed in real time to challenging cultural input
Brigade Leader mentoring and discipling young boys in stockade (wearing uniforms)

Christian Service Brigade – Our Discipleship Difference

Christian Service Brigade is a gender-specific evangelical Christian organization that equips men of the church to take an active role in leading, mentoring, and developing boys and young men. Brigade teaches and uses biblical principles to move boys and male youth down a path of Christian discipleship, helping to put them on a path towards biblical manhood and equip them for lifelong godly living.

Christian Service Brigade makes discipleship happen in the local church because it’s built into the fabric of what we do. We started 80 years ago with a vision of discipleship and so our materials, structure, events and traditions produce a culture of discipleship. You cannot run Christian Service Brigade and not teach and practice discipleship.

“Building Godly men of today and tomorrow.”

It’s not a motto. That’s our purpose and mission.

With over 80 years of history and experience, we’ve seen the lasting difference godly men can make in the lives of boys. When boys are surrounded by male role models, they are exposed to real world examples of what godly men look like, men who often build strong and durable relationships with the youth they are mentoring. Together, through shoulder-to-shoulder activities with Biblical themes woven throughout, they learn to be the men Jesus means for them to become.

Should parents seeking Boy Scouts Alternatives consider Brigade?

Some may see similarities between Christian Service Brigade and Boy Scouts. We have gender-specific programs, led by men who mentor and disciple boys Grades K-12. We have programs with achievements that can be earned by participants and can be displayed on Brigade uniforms (if a Brigade Unit optionally utilizes them). Our programs include action-focused activities and flexible programming that help a boy develop in a holistic way.

But the most important thing that sets us apart is our Discipleship Difference.

One of the best things a parent can do is help ground their sons in solid biblical truth. We partner with parents by basing our programs on sound biblical truths, teachings, and principles. Our programs are focused on helping a boy learn through Christian discipleship how to become a godly man. And that is especially relevant and critical today. They learn about what God teaches through His Word. They learn Biblical Truth about morality. And that helps them be prepared to stand in the light in today’s darkening world.

So if Christian discipleship is a component you are looking for, you should know that it’s built in to our materials, our training and our culture.  You should know that all Christian Service Brigade Units teach and practice discipleship. 

Our Programs

We have programs for boys and young men from grades K-12 including:

Tree Climbers is for boys K-2 and may be good for parents looking at Boy Scouts Alternatives

Tree Climbers is for fathers and sons, Grades K-2. It’s the FIRST STEP towards learning spiritual habits and is full of fun activities.


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Boy Scouts is for boys Grades 3-6 and may be good for parents looking at Boy Scouts Alternatives

Stockade is for boys, Grades 3-6. Stockade helps young boys with mental, physical, spiritual, and social growth.


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Battalion is for boys 7-12 and may be good for parents looking at Boy Scouts Alternatives

Battalion is for young men, Grades 7-12. Battalion helps young men learn leadership, service, and in becoming a godly man.


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Herold of Christ is for men and represents the pinnacle recognition in Brigade.

Herald of Christ is for men. It is Brigade’s pinnacle recognition on our discipleship path. It is our standard of godly manhood.

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How can I get more information about whether Brigade is right for my family?

We know that you likely have many questions about whether Christian Service Brigade is a right fit for you and your family. We’d love to talk with you further. You can reach us online or call us. This page has a form you can fill out as well as our primary contact number. We’d be glad to answer your questions and put you in touch with one of our Regional Directors who can help you find the answers you need.

You are not the only parent looking for a good Christian Boy Scouts Alternative to get your sons involved with. Reach out to us. We are here to help.

Stockade Youth and program may be a good Boy Scouts Alternative for Grade 3-6 boys