Just one leader from each Battalion must register, then distribute the Zoom broadcast information to others in his Battalion.

Battalion Kick-Off and Competition:
Date: Thursday October 5th, 2023
Time: 8pm ET/5PST

“Deeper into the unknown, to the heart of the continent, searching for the river’s origin, only to disappear for years…”
This year, the Continental Kick-Off follows an expedition deep into the heart of the jungle, searching for the unknown, spreading the gospel, and discovering things not known to the outside world.  Come and join us for a time of games, competition, adventure, Biblical truth, and tales.
All Battalions will be competing against other Battalions from across the continent in games that will test your critical thinking, problem solving, and reasoning skills as we journey through this story about the expedition.  The Council Ring that follows will be focusing on themes of discipleship and mentoring, and following in the steps of those who have come before us.
Don’t let your unit miss out on this opportunity with Battalions across North America, register below for the Continental Kick-Off on Thursday, October 5th at 8 pm ET!