Discipleship Materials

Discipleship materials tend to be static guides designed to equip individuals to sit around, to study, and contemplate God’s Word. At CSB Ministries, we designed the Quest Series discipleship materials from the perspective that contemplation and study are dramatically strengthened when integrated with action and experience.

Reflect on the preeminent discipler of all time – Jesus Christ. Let’s look at Him as we consider discipleship materials.

Throughout Christ’s ministry, He spent plenty of time teaching and stimulating contemplation. However, He continually connected His teaching to real life. In fact, Jesus spent most of His teaching ministry living life with His disciples. By doing life together, Jesus taught His disciples through experience. This is an especially powerful approach with action-driven men or to draw men toward accomplishment.

Shouldn’t discipleship materials emulate this method?

Quest Series: Discipleship In Action

CSB Ministries’ Quest Series discipleship materials equip mentors to participate with students as they actively live and experience God’s Word. Our discipleship materials help disciplers guide students as active participants in what they are studying and contemplating through God’s Word – discipleship materials characterized by Discipleship in Action.

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