So what difference does Christian Service Brigade make? Boys who graduate from a Brigade program are equipped to take on the spiritual and life challenges that most boys struggle with. The result? Men who honor God in all that they do and lead productive lives that honor Him.
Dale Huffstetler, Vice President of Development and Alumni Relations

A Mom’s Testimony

DSC_3658As a parent of both one boy and one girl only 16 months a part in age, it’s easy to see the vast differences between boys and girls.

I like controlled quiet environments. But that is not what boys offer or need for that matter.  They need wrestling matches, taking a few laps around any open room they enter, matchbox cars, and four wheelers.  

Christian Service Brigade has helped “release me” to be a better mom to my son, to let him be a boy and not try to contain him.  And they have given me peace of mind knowing that my son is involved in programs and activities designed for boys and run by Christian men who are doing so much to help equip him for godly living.

I can’t shield my son from the harsh realities of living in today’s world. But with Christian Service Brigade’s help, I can equip him to withstand this world and remain a child of God.

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For over 75 years now, Christian Service Brigade has been helping to “Build Godly Men of Today and Tomorrow.”

In today’s tumultuous world with so many pressing challenges, men and boys are in need of Jesus Christ now more than ever.

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