We believe that shared experiences, whether between fathers and sons or between men of all ages, are a gift of God that He often uses to draw us closer to Him and to each other. The time spent together when doing activities together provide an amazing context for building relationships that make genuine discipleship possible. Some of the events made available by Christian Service Brigade are open to all regardless of your affiliation with CSB. We hope that you will take the time to look at what is available as we are confident you will be blessed.

The N-Counter

N-Counter is a multi-regional CSB Battalion event, which aims to give Battalion guys a rare encounter with other Battalions from across the country. Young men have been involved in their own group from day one; some have also participated with other Battalions in their region through annual Camp-O-Ramas. This event is different, and comes once in a Brigadier’s career.

Father/Son Team Day

Can you think of any more important thing you can do but spend a day with your son? Across North America CSB Ministries has organized events for you. A full day’s fun and excitement for 1st -12th grade boys and their dads or substitute dads. Events include archery, BB guns, canoeing, and many more unusual activities, geared to boys and their dads. No Brigade involvement required. Contact your local CSB Regional Director or the Main Office for details on the Team Days closest to you.

StocKar Derby

You may be one of the many men who have fond memories of taking that little rough block of wood and turning it into something to be proud of.  We view StocKar Derby as a chance for boys and young men to learn the importance of taking time and effort to bring order and beauty to a raw material while learning to use tools, principles of christian character, and good sportsmanship. Because of this, and because it is just a lot of fun to do together, StocKar Derby is also a fun highlight of our church’s ministry year.

We are also happy to work with people at churches not currently partnered with CSB to help guide you through the process of organizing a StocKar Derby event. We have everything you need to create excitement, build relationships, and of course build fast cars!

Take a look at the StocKar Derby section of our Brigade Shop.

You can also send us an email or phone us at (800) 815-5573 and we’d be happy to help you pull off a terrific event taking advantage of these resources.

StocKar Derby Resources

  • StocKar Derby Book – describes everything you need to run a StocKar Derby
  • Car packs with everything you need
  • Blank car bodies
  • Customized wheels
  • Axles
  • Templates for body design (Contained within the new StocKar Derby Book)
  • Detailed instructions for building and racing the cars (Contained within the new StocKar Derby Book)
  • Derby Event Banners, Posters, and certificates to help run a fun-filled StocKar Derby Event!
  • StocKar Derby Repair Kits
  • Watch for more exiting resources that will be coming soon!


There are 11 different camps across North America, which are assoicated with Christian Service Brigade.  We view the camping ministry as a powerful tool in helping to build and grow the discipling relationships that being during the weekly ministry year.  All camps are independently owned and operated, and are listed in the menu under Resources where you can view each camp website for more details.