14 Different Seminars


Grandfathers Who Leave A Legacy

Larry McCall, Warsaw, IN
Director, Walking Like Jesus Ministries

This seminar is for Seasoned Men (ages 55+)

“The best thing about being a grandfather is that you can spoil the grandkids then send them home to their parents!” Really? That’s it? That’s the best thing about being a grandfather? We hope not! In this session we will explore God’s calling on us as grandfathers. We’ll see that the best part grandfathering is having the amazing privilege of passing the baton of faith – of living the gospel with the next generation. We’ll talk in very practical ways how the gospel shapes and empowers our ministry of grandfathering.


Sonship: Restoring Man’s Identity

Jay Cookingham, Hyde Park, NY
Founder, Strategic Fathering Ministries

“For in Christ Jesus you are all sons of God, through faith.” Galatians 3:26. This seminar is about how Father God restores a man’s identity and his purpose through knowing who they are in Christ.


Finding Your Mentor

William Clark, Buffalo, NY
Lead Pastor, New Bethel Community Church

Taking a Biblical look at Mentor/Mentee relationships and their outcomes, in this seminar we will discuss ways to find your place in Kingdom service through these types of relationships.


Taking God to Work

David Winters, Huber Heights, OH
Author & Speaker, David L. Winters Ministries

Taking God to Work seminar will equip you to maximize your work life for God’s Kingdom.  Beginning with the Biblical underpinning of work, learn to love others through your job.  Transform your workplace by helping coworkers overcome negative behaviors.  Find a job you can love that fully utilizes your skills, abilities, and passion.


Transforming Addiction

Christopher Knapp, Darien Center, NY
Minister, Total Freedom

Money, Cars, Drugs, Clothes, Women, Food, and More… The things in life we’re brought up to strive for. If you don’t have enough of it you aren’t living right, and if you do have these things, it’s never enough.  And after living the fast life filled with all of the above, we find these things never actually quenched our thirst. This seminar will go into an in-depth conversation about Ecclesiastes, realizing man is to fear the Lord and keep His commandments. Paul learned in all things to be content, and we will talk about freedom and what it means to be content. Contentment is a process, the process of transforming our addictions into a Godly reverence and a life of total freedom, breaking down the three things in the world that can give the enemy an open door to our lives – the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life.


Let’s Go Dad!

Dale Kinkade, Leavittsburg, OH
Regional Director, CSB Ministries

This seminar is for Full Throttle Men (ages 30-54)

A practical way to disciple your kids by doing life together: Being a father is challenging. We are expected to do so much, yet how often do we fall short. What if there was a way to build strong relationships with your kids through fun activities while sneaking in some discipleship at the same time? Talk about killing two birds with one stone! I want to demonstrate to you how seamless and fun this process can be.

Men and Their Anger

Kevin Maloney, Rochester, NY
Lead Pastor, Grace Road Church

The struggle against anger is one of the leading struggles men face, and one of the least talked about. While not all forms of anger are sinful or unwarranted, most of our anger doesn’t honor the Lord and does damage to people around us. In this seminar we will talk about the root of our anger and some biblical strategies for getting it out at the root.


Loving Your Wife As Christ Loves The Church

Larry McCall, Warsaw, IN
Director, Walking Like Jesus Ministries

Men need models. Though some men have grown up with dads who were role models of godly “husbanding” for their sons, sadly, most men have not. The cry of many men’s hearts is, “I want to do a better job of loving my wife, but no one ever showed me how.” In this session, Larry fuels men’s hopes of being better husbands by pointing them to the Role Model of all role models, Jesus Christ, Himself. “Husbands, love your wives just as Christ loved the church” (Ephesians 5:25) is explained and applied in very practical ways.


Present But Missing in Action

Leroy Wiggins, Getzville, NY
Men’s Ministry Pastor, The Chapel

This seminar is for Men’s Ministry Leaders

Every Sunday we see them. We see them at our men’s breakfasts or other church event. When pressed a bit further, we find out these men are “Present… But Missing In Action.” Not engaged in: relationship…accountability…community or service. Taking up a seat but not taking on the fight. To be a true Kingdom man, a man’s greatest contribution has to go beyond the seat he occupies on Sunday and even the money he gives. Let’s discuss ways to get them re-enlisted into active duty to join us in the battle…so we can share in the victory.



Jay Cookingham, Hyde Park, NY
Founder, Strategic Fathering Ministries

“This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone, a new life has begun!” 2 Corinthians 5:17. This seminar is about the Father-Mother wound, how to receive healing and walk in freedom.


Principles of Effective Bible Study

Brian Stebick, Hamburg, NY
Assistance Executive Director, Camp Hickory Hill

The Bible is God’s Word, revealing Himself to us. We will cover the basic principles of proper Bible reading and interpretation. By applying these principles, you will increase your effectiveness when applying the Bible to your life. Diving into scripture in this way will help you grow in Christ and deepen your relationship with God as you know Him better.


Texting That Changes Lives

David Gregg, Oakdale, CA
Regional Director, CSB Ministries

This seminar is for Emerging and Pioneering Men (ages 13-29)

Young men, I know that too often we give you great principles and awesome sounding ideas, but we don’t give you examples of what those principles look like in practice. We tell you to develop better friendships, to fight your lusts, and to be honest … but it all sounds so easy in theory and confusing and scary in practice. I want to paint for you an encouraging picture of what conversations can look like between friends and mentors by giving you insight into real conversations with young men very much like you. This is your chance to eavesdrop without feeling guilty. Come get equipped and encouraged.


How to Transform Sinful Thoughts and Habits

Steve Etner, Osceola, IN
Author, Speaker & Purity Coach, The Pure Man Ministry

For the man who wants to glorify God with his life, but struggles daily with sinful thoughts and habits, this workshop will take you into the Word of God to discover how to glorify God in your everyday living, by first glorifying Him in you every moment thinking.


Relationslips: Get Ready For Some Changes

Jason Drapeau, West Seneca, NY
Senior Pastor, Winchester Community Church

Healthy family relationships and deep friendships are difficult, often falling into tension and disarray.  But men can take the lead in changing the slide of relationslips—through transformational changes.  This seminar hits the practical and Scriptural, and is intensely relatable.