16 Different Seminars

You Are the Man for Her

Reggie Holder, Nashville, TN
Founder, Reggie Holder Ministries

This seminar is for Full Throttle Men (ages 30-54)

The greatness of man is revealed in many areas.  Sports, education, sales or church, men achieve and advance with a confidence that had to come from the supernatural.  Some of these same men cower and fade when challenged with loving their wives. The confidence to land the deal, make the presentation or win the debate disappears.  Each man is equipped to win, born for this, made for this – but most men don’t know it. Most have never seen it modeled but it is a part of every husband.  You are the man for her.

The Very Best, Hands-on, Kinda Dangerous Family Devotions

Tim Shoemaker, Rolling Meadows, IL
Speaker and Author, Tim Shoemaker

This “hands-on” and “how-to” workshop will equip you to teach kids from 6 to 18-years-old about God in ways that they’ll listen.  Even if you’ve tried and failed before, you’ll learn everything you need to know to start again–and succeed. We’ll demo at least eight or ten devotionals you can use with your kids right away.


How to Transform Sinful Thoughts and Habits

Steve Etner, Osceola, IN
Founder, The Purity Coach

For the man who wants to glorify God with his life, but struggles daily with sinful thoughts and habits, this workshop will take you into the Word of God to discover how to glorify God in your everyday living, by first glorifying Him in you every moment thinking.

Old Iron and New Swords

This seminar is for Pioneering and Seasoned Men (ages 20-29 and 55+)

Dale Kinkade, Leavittsburg, OH
Regional Director , CSB Ministries

“Old guys are out of touch.” “Young guys are clueless.” Don’t tell that to Paul and Timothy! God never meant for you to just hang out with your own generation. Let’s bring it together.


Who Has Your Six: Developing Battle Ready Brotherhood

David Dusek, Sarasota, FL
Founder, Executive Director, Rough Cut Men Ministries

Most guys have friendships that are an inch deep and a mile wide. Using a strategic combination of movie scenes and solid biblical truth, this session will show you the power and importance of brotherhood as we fight the enemy that is out to “steal, kill and destroy” every day.

Every Man a Warrior – Helping Men Succeed in Life

David Petersen, Wyomissing, PA
Director Northeast, Every Man A Warrior

Every Man A Warrior is a discipleship-leadership development curriculum that “helps men succeed in life.” It tells stories of real men with real life problems and how God has solutions. EMAW equips men to win the battles they fight every day in the areas of: money, marriage, raising children, sex, work, going through hard times, and how to make your life count. In just 11 years, more than 250,000 books have been sold in 55 countries and 24 languages. Come join the movement!


Think BIG…Start SMALL…Go DEEP…Finish WELL

Nick Koogler & Mike Flinn, Bailey, MI
Area Director, Man in the Mirror

Where there is no vision the people are unrestrained.’ Our vision needs to be consistently directed towards the Matt 28 mission but VISION is only one of several strategic principles important to vibrant, sustainable ministries-to-men. This seminar will enable ministry leaders, pastors, and disciple-makers to gather helpful insights about key principles and practical, readily available solutions. Join us as we en-VISION with you how EVERY MAN in YOUR CHURCH can be reached and served through a dynamic and sustainable, disciple-making ministry.


God in the Workplace, How Do I Love My Neighbor

Jeff Frick, Shelby Township, MI
Founder, GRAM Ministries

We are often confused into believing that our faith is circumstantial. We think, if we can just get it right at work, we can get it right anywhere. It’s not about our circumstances it’s about us.


Where Is Your Athens?

Brandon Cleaver, Redford, MI
Program Director/Apologist/Evangelist, Matthew 5:9 Fellowship

This seminar will focus on the contemporary value of apologetics. We will survey and apply principles from Paul’s first century address at the Aeropagus, and reflect on how they apply in our modern 21st century, and how we can use this to answer, in truth and love, the those questions that may come up.

Redeeming Social Media

Jay Trainer, Spencerport, NY
National Media Director, CSB Ministries

This seminar is for Emerging Men (ages 13-19)

Effectively using the landscape of social media as a tool for the Kingdom instead of a target for the enemy.


The 3 P’s of Manhood – Provider, Priest and Prophet

Reggie Holder, Nashville, TN
Founder & Director, Reggie Holder Ministries

The man is the head of the home/family.  That position starts with having the attitude of being the Chief Servant.  Your family needs you to lead. Period. The 3P’s are the foundation.

Hooray for Grandpa’s!

Jay Payleitner, St Charles, IL
Author/Presenter, Jay Payleitner

This seminar is for Seasoned Men (age 55+)

Hey Papa, Gramps, or Pops! Get 22 fresh strategies you can use today for giving love, receiving love, leaving a legacy, and being a rock star to your entire family. Are you a new to the role? Do you live near or far? Maybe you have a dozen grandkids? With laughter and love, this best-selling author of more than 25 books will share the best ideas from his new book, Hooray for Grandparents!


Principles of Effective Bible Study

Brian Stebick, Hamburg, NY
Assistant Executive Director, Camp Hickory Hill

The Bible is God’s Word, revealing Himself to us. We will cover the basic principles of proper Bible reading and interpretation. By applying these principles, you will increase your effectiveness when applying the Bible to your life. Diving into scripture in this way will help you grow in Christ and deepen your relationship with God as you know Him better.


Embrace the Battle

Tim Morton, Rochester Hills, MI
SE Michigan Director, Fellowship of Christian Athletes

This seminar is for Emerging Men (ages 13-19)

Every man of every age needs a battle plan to execute every day. More importantly, they need to know why the battle exists and how to see it as an opportunity. Let’s go!

Seven Grey Swans

Dan Murfey, Oakland Township, MI
Financial Advisor, Edward Jones Financial Services

Seven financial trends that is identified in the bible to be aware of as they could greatly impact our personal finances and direction in our lives.

The True Summit

Kevin DeVries, Grand Rapids, MI
Founder, Grace Explorations

In this seminar Kevin will show his Everest Base Camp documentary The True Summit, then share the call to the inward journey and inescapable reality that the change we seek, can only be found in a Christ=centered in community.