14 Different Seminars


Everybody Wants a Title…Call Me Dad

Ed Babcock, Somersworth, NH
Author & Speaker, Ed Babcock Consulting

This seminar is for Full Throttle Men (ages 30-54)

Often in our lives we are in the pursuit of a title. Whether that title is butcher, baker, or candlestick maker, all like the definition, but also the recognition that comes from being “somebody.” When looking at the big picture, our role as a dad is the most impactful and significant title we could ever have, so at the end of the day… just call me Dad.


Healing Through Your Story

Jesse Cruz, Newark, NY
CEO, Chain Breaker

Using his personal testimony, Jesse will share how utilizing The Eight F’s framework helped him through the most difficult time in his life.  The Eight F’s are; Focus, Finance, Fitness, Fun, Friendship, Forgiveness, Family and Faith.


Transforming Addiction

Christopher Knapp, Darien Center, NY
Minister, Total Freedom / Manager, Freedom Expressions

Money, Cars, Drugs, Clothes, Women, Food, and More… The things in life we’re brought up to strive for. If you don’t have enough of it you aren’t living right, and if you do have these things, it’s never enough.  And after living the fast life filled with all of the above, we find these things never actually quenched our thirst. This seminar will go into an in depth conversation about Ecclesiastes, realizing man is to fear the Lord and keep His commandments. Paul learned in all things to be content, and we will talk about freedom and what it means to be content. Contentment is a process, the process of transforming our addictions into a Godly reverence and a life of total freedom, breaking down the three things in the world that can give the enemy an open door to our lives – the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life.


Building An Effective Men’s Ministry

Adam Hultstrand, Lebanon, PA
Ministry Director of Outreach, Knights of the 21st Century

This seminar is for Pastors & Men’s Ministry Leaders

A strong men’s ministry is foundational to the church’s fulfillment of God’s great purpose for the world. With an effective men’s ministry program, countless men will be empowered to change their lives and positively influence their families, communities, and church body. This seminar acts as a step-by-step guide for building a long-term men’s ministry that works.


Talk Your Way To Intimacy

Joel Rissinger, Newington, CT
Speaker & Author, Rissinger Resource Group

This seminar will provide men four keys to improve communication and closeness. Using scripture, humor and stories, men will be encouraged to talk more, resolve conflict, and enjoy being together!

Being Equipped for the Sexual Integrity Battlefield

Dan Wobschall, Copperas Cove, TX
Director of Men’s Ministries, Be Broken Ministries

This workshop will give you insights to the battle for men’s (sexual) integrity and how to equip yourself for the battle we are already in.  Men must step up and take the offensive in protecting our lives, marriages and families.


From Overwhelmed to Overcoming

Garrett Hall, Bath, NY
Pastor, Grace Bible Baptist Church

Being a man is hard.  Being a godly man? Even harder.  Sometimes it is easy to justify or rationalize our reasons for being less than what God has called us to be.  But what we might consider reasons, God considers excuses. Drawing parallels from the biblical example of Moses, we will identify some of the common inner struggles that keep us from stepping into our calling as men.  Get ready to overcome excuses by being armed with biblical and practical ways to live, love and lead the way God is calling you.


Principles of Effective Bible Study

Brian Stebick, Hamburg, NY
Assistant Executive Director, Camp Hickory Hill

The Bible is God’s Word, revealing Himself to us. We will cover the basic principles of proper Bible reading and interpretation. By applying these principles, you will increase your effectiveness when applying the Bible to your life. Diving into scripture in this way will help you grow in Christ and deepen your relationship with God as you know Him better.


Facing the Giant of Fear

Jon Stanke, Columbus, OH
Men’s Ministry Leader, Grace Fellowship

Fear takes us out of the battlefield and makes us useless for God. In Numbers 13, we see the Israelites on the edge of the Promised Land. It was theirs for the taking but 10 out of 12 spies let fear dictate their decisions. They were more focused on the challenges in front of them rather than remembering God’s promise to them. We can compare this story to our lives today. We often forget the promises of God and focus on the fears in front of us. In this seminar, we will review Numbers 13 and learn how God is always faithful and keeps His promises to us regardless of what may lie in front of us.


Becoming a Man is More Than Learning How to Spit

Ed Babcock, Somersworth, NH
Speaker & Author, Ed Babcock Consulting

This seminar is for Emerging Men (ages 13-19)

In spite of living in a culture that says masculinity is a bad thing, being a man of character has always been the best thing. Learning how to spit is important, learning how to be a man of God is critical.


Men of Inheritance

Antoine Johnson, Buffalo, NY
Founder & Financial Coach, Grace & Johnson Enterprise, LLC

This seminar will focus on how men and fathers have an opportunity to lead their families in becoming good stewards of God’s resources and leaving financial legacy (as well as mindset) for their children’s children.

Disciple – Be One Make One

Mark Perkins, Niagara Falls, NY
Director,  C&MA Northeastern District Men’s Ministry

Jesus has called all those who wear the label Christian to fulfill the Great Commission. He has called not just to be disciples but to make disciples of all nations, meaning not only those like us but those not like us. In this seminar you will work through what it means to be a disciple and to make other disciples, looking at Jesus’ model.


Developing Your Mentorship Skills – Pass It On

Adam Hultstrand, Lebanon, PA
Ministry Director of Outreach, Knights of the 21st Century

This seminar is for Seasoned Men (ages 55+)

We know we’re called by Jesus to make disciples, yet many men are not comfortable mentoring or discipling other men. This is understandable because most men have never been mentored themselves! This seminar highlights the Biblical priority of mentoring, the identity of the mentor and practical topics to address in any mentoring relationship.


Communicate to Lead

Joel Rissinger, Newington, CT
Speaker & Author, Rissinger Resource Group

This seminar is for Emerging and Pioneering Men (ages 13-29)

This seminar is designed to teach young men how to connect with the hearts and minds of others, provide men the communication skills needed to influence positive, lasting change, as well as leadership effectiveness.