16 Different Seminars

Being a Father to the Fatherless

Mike Hennessy, Rochester, NY
Executive Director, Youth For Christ Rochester

This seminar is for Full Throttle Men (ages 30-54)

Fatherlessness is at the root of every chronic, cultural problem we face. Poverty. Addiction. Domestic Violence. Crime. Education Crisis. Teen Suicide. The world tries to tell us we don’t need fathers, that fathers are toxic. But that’s not what God thinks…Jesus says “I do nothing that I do not see my Father doing.”

Faith & Reason Made Simple

Rich McGough, Moline, IL
Founder & President, Local Church Apologetics

Our greatest possession in life is our faith! It is that which is eternal and determines who we are! Our faith, and the faith of our family members is under attack in America today. Loud voices proclaim that who have to choose between faith and reason! They say science has proven there is no God and that the Bible is a book of myths & fairy tales! Their lies often go unchallenged because most Christians have never looked at the overwhelming, marvelous evidence confirming what we believe as Christians, that God created us, that the Bible is God’s Word and that Jesus is Who the Bible says he is. In “Faith & Reason Made Simple” Rick will reveal easy to grasp and share with others, areas of evidence that confirm our Christian faith! Every father needs to be a protector of his family and that is certainly true of the greatest possession each of your family members has, their faith! Let’s get better equipped for this battle!


Equation: Diet Plus Exercise = or ≠ Greater Faith & Service?

Leroy Wiggins, Getzville, NY
Men’s Ministry Pastor, The Chapel

No that’s not a question on any SAT test but it is a question I’ve heard before and you likely have as well. The bible teaches us about our body being the temple of God, we read of fasting and a few verses even about physical fitness and running a race. But does Diet + Exercise equal or not equal Greater Faith & Service? Let’s chat about that for a bit. No food allowed in this session 😊

Old Iron and New Swords

This seminar is for Pioneering and Seasoned Men (ages 20-29 and 55+)

Dale Kinkade, Leavittsburg, OH
Regional Director , CSB Ministries

“Old guys are out of touch.” “Young guys are clueless.” Don’t tell that to Paul and Timothy! God never meant for you to just hang out with your own generation. Let’s bring it together.


Survive and Thrive Beyond Your Divorce

Dale Brown, TX
Director, Men’s Divorce Recovery

Men’s Divorce Recovery began in 2016 when Dale went through his own divorce after 32 years of marriage. Convinced that every divorced man can experience God’s love and transformation, Dale launched MDR to help men find God and his plan for the second half of their lives.  This seminar will tackle the unique challenges facing divorcing or divorced men.

Being Equipped for the Sexual Integrity Battlefield

Dan Wobschall, Copperas Cove, TX
Director of Men’s Ministries, Be Broken Ministries

The active word in this seminar’s title is integrity. Preparing to battle the attack on men and our sexual integrity may never have carried the importance and weight in our lives than today. You will be given four practical steps in this seminar, ready to walk out to engage the enemy head on.


Washing Coffee Cups at Work

David Miller, Amherst, NY
Board of Directors, CSB Ministries

Jesus was the prime example of Servant Leadership, in this seminar we will learn we are most effective when leading by example.


The Purpose of the Bible

Ralph Essery, NY
Former CSB Staff and Board member and Pastor, CSB Ministries

Christian men who have thought that the Bible is a “rule book” to learn from and live by, likely live a life of frustration, shame and guilt.  To know and understand the REAL purpose of the Bible (God’s purpose for giving it to us) opens the door to living the abundant life Christ said was open to believers.


Relationslips: Get Ready for Some Changes

Jason Drapeau, West Seneca, NY
Lead Pastor, Winchester Community Church

Healthy family relationships and deep friendships are difficult, often falling into tension and disarray.  But men can take the lead in changing the slide of relationslips—through transformational changes.  This seminar hits the practical as well as Scriptural, and is intensely relatable.

A Consecrated Generation

Jay Perillo, East Amherst, NY
College-Age/Young Adults Director, The Chapel

This seminar is for Emerging Men (ages 13-19)

This seminar will discuss living a life set apart from the world so you can be set apart for God.


The Marriage You’ve Always Wanted…Starts Today

Rob Thorpe, Little Rock, AR
Founder & Director, All in Marriage

Marriage is tough, but God knew that when He created it. He also knew that it would serve as His primary training ground to fashion us into the men He has called us to be. Men like to get to  “the bottom line”. That’s exactly what we will do in this honest, straightforward look at how to enjoy marriage as God intended it to be.

Leadership in a Changing Culture

Wayne Burroughs, Alexander, NY
Area Director,  Man in the Mirror

This seminar is for Men’s Ministry Leaders

Gain knowledge and insight with information gathered from what thousands of churches are seeing and doing over the last six months. Get a look at the best practices regarding church ministry that show promise within each generation in a post COVID culture.


Ministering to the Hurting Men in Your Church

Dale Brown, TX
Ministry Director , Men’s Divorce Recovery

The Bible is filled with expressions of pain, suffering, grief and hurt. The Bible was written by men. Men CAN express pain as evidenced by the Bible. BUT in our culture, men are not allowed to express or work through their pain in any meaningful way. Hurting men are at a crisis point and they are in your church. If the church helps men heal, the world gains a mighty force for good. If the church fails in this, the world ends up with a broken, bitter angry man. The stakes are high! Learn how to help men transform their pain instead of transmit it.


Sexual Integrity for Teens

Dan Wobschall, Copperas Cove, TX
Director of Men’s Ministries, Be Broken Ministries

This seminar is for Emerging Men (ages 13-19)

This session is an honest discussion about the pursuit of sexual integrity for teen men today. We will see how integrity is not primarily achieved through self-control, but our relationship with God and each other.

Men of God, Living in the Last Days

Rich McGough, Moline, IL
Director , Local Church Apologetics

We find ourselves living in unprecedented times. Are we in the last days? How can we know if we are? What does the Bible tell us about these times? What are proper responses that believers should have to these times? Will the Rapture occur any day? Is an end time revival and harvest of souls coming soon? How should men live and lead their families in these days? These questions and more are addressed in this seminar.


VICTORIOUS – Winning the Battles for You and Your Family!

Rob Thorpe, Little Rock, AR
Founder & Director, All in Marriage

You, your wife, your kids are ALL under attack. Is spiritual warfare actually real? What is it? How do we recognize it? How do we live victoriously? Our enemy is not a guy dressed up in a red suit with horns. He is diabolical, relentless, and has declared war on everything and everyone you hold dear. Jesus came to give us an abundant life – Satan’s plan is to “kill, steal and destroy” all of it. But God gave us everything we need to live in victory…if we choose to.