CSB Ministries is looking for A FEW GOOD MEN to join us on an EXCITING NEW MISSION!

This year, CSB Ministries is looking to expand our Mentoring Out of the Box product offering by creating a NEW series of Kits we are informally referring to as “Mentoring Out of the Box 1 x 1”.

The product concept is to create a series of fun-filled and action-driven stand-alone mentoring and discipleship products designed to be used as a Father/Son (man/boy) mentoring adventure.  It is our hope that these products will help MEN spend time together with BOYS, sharing in faith and fun, strengthening their relationships and helping men to build their boys into godly men, one mentoring adventure at a time!

Scott Haima and Joel Fiscus would like to personally invite you to join us as members of an MBOX 1 x 1 Product Focus Group. As strategic ministry partners or MEN who value inter-generational discipleship, we value your input.


We are INVITING YOU TO PARTICIPATE this summer in the product development cycle as a member of our MBOX 1 x 1 PRODUCT FOCUS GROUP.


Your MISSION, should  you be COURAGEOUS ENOUGH to step up and join us will be as follows:

Participate in an initial Product Concept Meeting:

This will be done as a webinar and will last about one hour. YOUR responsibilities would include providing input, ideas, and feedback that will ultimately help to shape the PRODUCT CONCEPT. Your INPUT will directly shape the product development and in building the initial MBOX 1 x 1 PROTOTYPES.

Participate in a PROTOTYPE REVIEW:

This will be done as a webinar and will last about one hour. Some men may be offered the opportunity to receive sample prototypes to evaluate and to test.

Participate in the PRODUCT LAUNCH/KICKOFF:

This will be done as a webinar.  With  your help, we can spread the word about the new MBOX 1 x 1 PRODUCT(s) YOU HELPED TO DEVELOP!



Fill out the form below to sign up and join the team! We know you have the passion, the creativity, and the willingness to step forward and help us develop a great new one-on-one mentoring and discipleship product!

(We will need your full contact and address information for mailing and shipment tracking for sending out samples. We will NEVER share your information with anyone.)