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How To Tell A Story (A Story Paints A Picture)

Peter Westerman, Denville, NJ
CSB Ministries Staff Associate

Everyone likes a good story! Storytelling is a terrific way to teach spiritual lessons. It has a universal appeal. There’s not one young man in your Stockade or Battalion who doesn’t like a good story. A good story commands attention. It sticks in the mind. A boy will tell the story he heard at a Stockade meeting to his parents when he gets home. He’ll tell it to his friends. Some stories he will remember for a lifetime. Just think how many stories you heard as a child that you could still remember. That’s why the Brigade encourages storytelling. Storytelling is a challenging skill that demands some time, effort, and a bit of courage to develop. This skill can be developed and you can be a more effective storyteller.

The Certified CSB Leader Experience (Part 1 of 3)

Ron Rynd, Rutherford, NJ
CSB Ministries Regional Director

Why each Church needs to build Godly men of Today and Tomorrow. Examining the foundational principles and rationale for a church-based Christ-centered ministry to men and boys.

Fatherless No More

Joel Fiscus, Christiana, PA
CSB Ministries Vice President of Field Staff

We will examine the unique needs and challenges in effectively reachng the fatherless boys in your unit. You will leave with proven strategies that will empower you in pointing them to the (Heavenly) Father they never had while you model Christian manhood through your leadership and discipleship.

Gaining and Retaining Leaders

Dale Kinkade, Leavittsburg, OH
CSB Ministries Regional Director

Gaining and retaining ministry leaders is no easy task. There is so much to do, but so few step up to the plate. Light the torch of leadership in your ministry by shifting from a task oriented process to a relational experience.

3M – Making the Most of the Modules

Bill Mellien, Eau Claire, WI
CSB Ministries Regional Director

The new Stockade modules are great but they are a guideline. Straight talk and discussion about how we can enhance our boys experience and point them toward Jesus in each module.

Everyone Communicates – Few Connect

Scott Haima, Hamburg, NY
CSB Ministries President

World-renowned leadership expert John C. Maxwell says if you want to succeed, you must learn how to connect with people. And while it may seem like some folks are just born with it, the fact is anyone can learn how to make every communication an opportunity for a powerful connection.

Not Easily Broken

David Gregg, Oakdale, CA
CSB Ministries Regional Director

The vital need for men to walk alongside one another.

Be a Battalion Innovator!

Arden Musselman, Elverson, PA
CSB Ministries Regional Director

Here’s how you can contribute your Battalion’s experience and share your original activity patch material with many other units. Using the Battalion Developers Kit.

How to love a human being, especially if you are one

Kevin De Kam, Byron Center, MI
CSB Ministries Regional Director

Our current perspectives are shaped by our past experiences. Learn how your story affects the way you view yourself, others, the world, even God, then how to accomplish the “superhuman” feat of looking through another person’s lens in order to more effectively care for the boy in your unit, the man in your ministry, your co-worker, spouse…

The Certified CSB Leader Experience (Part 2 of 3)

Ron Rynd, Rutherford, NJ
CSB Ministries Regional Director

II. How to Build a Ministry for Godly Men of Today and Tomorrow. Developing a sound understanding of inter-generational relationships and the dynamics of male discipleship

The Certified CSB Leader Experience (3 of 3)

Ron Rynd, Rutherford, NJ
CSB Ministries Regional Director

III. What’s in a program that Builds Godly men of Today and Tomorrow? A. Constructing an effective ministry for active junior-age boys (Stockade) in and through your church. or III-b. What’s in a program that Builds Godly Men of Today and Tomorrow? B.Constructing an effective ministry for active teen young men (Battalion) in and through your church.

get M.A.D. – Making a Difference

Bill Mellien, Eau Claire, WI
CSB Regional Director

A seminar on the need in today’s world for men to “Build Strong Boys”. As dads (as men) what is our Biblical responsibility for discipling boys and young men? Statistics and Biblical truth as related to Mentoring And Discipling.


Men’s Ministry vs Ministry to Men

Wayne Burroughs, Alexander, NY
Man in the Mirror Area Director

An overview of the No Man Left Behind model followed by an interactive discussions on intentional applications of the “all-inclusive mindset”.


Evangelism in Every Day Life

Bishop Maurice Curry, Buffalo, NY
Covenant Brothers Men’s Ministry




Building Relationships Through Events

Keith Clark, Springville, NY
Pastor Springville Crossing Church





Men’s Ministry 101

Stuart Burton, Arcade, NY
Pastor, Crosstown Alliance Church

In this session we will look at some of the basics of Men’s Ministry.  We will look at things like: Why we need Men’s Ministry?  What does an effective Men’s Ministry look like?  Why is it different than Women’s Ministry?  And then finally how do we get started or even adjust the Men’s Ministry that we already have?  In a world that is fighting for the next generation we need to have a battle plan of our own.  That battle plan should include an active Men’s Ministry.  Let’s see if we can figure out how to make that happen.