15 Practical Training Sessions


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Stockade 101 – The Basics

Steve Grove, Saskatoon, SK, CSB Ministries Canada, Regional Director

Why Stockade? – An overview of the Stockade ministry, including how it relates to CSB’s overall mission of helping boys to be Bright and Keen for Christ. We will also look at how the program and curriculum components are used together to form the foundation of a discipling relationship.

Session Resources for Leaders:

Effective Use of Core CSB Elements

Dale Kinkade, Leavittsburg, OH, CSB Ministries, Regional Director

Discipling boys may seem ominous. CSB Ministries offers proven tools to help men key in on the way boys and men build relationships and process information. We will help you understand the effective use of CSB’s key elements, leading to a more intentional and successful discipleship process.

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Men’s Ministry 101

Tom Sember, Buffalo, NY, Men’s Pastor, Author & Speaker

Just starting the flame of Men’s Ministry, or have been on fire with your Men’s Ministry for some time, this session will discuss how to get your men on fire for God and keep the flame burning.

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A Coach Above Reproach

Larry Wolf, Buffalo, NY, Sundoulos Ministries, Founder

Mixed signals from church leaders leave men searching for strong role models they can confidently learn from and imitate…Phil 4:9.

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Teen Leadership Development in Battalion

Brian Stebick, Pontiac, MI, CSB Ministries, Regional Director

Battalion: Where Leadership is Learned. What does this mean? The youth culture has changed so much, but the need for leadership development remains. Come see how you can develop Godly leadership in your young men in today’s teen culture.

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Oversight and Leadership Team Meetings

Arden Musselman, Elverson, PA, CSB Ministries, Regional Director

Oversight, Leadership Team Meetings, and the Leaders Huddle. All are important for continuity in the range of CSB programs. Here’s why and how to organize and implement these meetings, involve your people and ensure the future of your Brigade ministry.

Session Resources for Leaders:

Discipling Boys at Home and Church

David Gregg, Oakdale, CA, CSB Ministries, Regional Director

You’re convinced. Discipleship needs to be done, with your sons at home and with the boys and young men at church. But you are probably like most men and are saying “give me some specifics on what this looks like from day to day.” Expect to receive practical tools, resting on biblical principles, and from the speaker’s real life experience.

Session Resources for Leaders:

No Man Left Behind

Wayne Burroughs, Alexander, NY, Man in the Mirror, Area Director

Based on 20 years of research and experience working with thousands of churches, the No Man Left Behind model is the “backbone” of the discipleship process used in the Leadership Training Center’s training events for men’s leaders at Man in the Mirror.

Session Resources for Leaders:

Stockade 201 – Using the Resources

Howard Pike & Bill Mellien, Coquitlam, BC & Eau Claire, WI, CSB Ministries, Regional Directors

“Stockade Modules, LG’s, Outpost Adventures, Achievement, Trail Guides, Patches? How do I use them?” Join us for practical ways to use the new Stockade resources to build your boys, leaders, families, and congregations.

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Beyond the Weekly Meeting

Jim Szczodrowski, Orchard Park, NY, CSB Ministries, Staff Associate

Tree Climbers, Stockade and Battalion each meet for 90 minutes a week. Learn how we can influence our boys and strengthen our Brigade Units in the other 9990 minutes of the week.

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Corn Flakes and Hammers

Dale Kinkade, Leavittsburg, OH, CSB Ministries, Regional Director

Our future depends on the willingness and ability of men to engage and disciple one another and the next generation. The church’s future depends on it as well! Is your church truly empowering men, or are you stuck in breakfast and bible study?

Session Resources for Leaders:

Men’s Ministry Event Planning with a Purpose

Pete Lancy & Matt Roy, W. Henrietta, NY, Calvary Community Church, Men’s Ministry Directors

Why do an event for men? What needs are we trying to meet? What goals are we trying to accomplish? What outcomes do we want to see?

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Making the Most of Achievement

Ron Rynd, Rutherford, NJ, CSB Ministries, Regional Director

Achievement will either make you or break you as a Brigade leader. Achievement is highly non-optional. This session will demonstrate some why’s and how’s of developing a successful achievement approach in your Brigade experience.

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Helping Your Ministry Survive and Thrive

David Droppa, Pittsburgh, PA, CSB Ministries, Staff Associate

This workshop will provide strategies for recruitment, retention, continued support and succession of adult leaders.

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Fired Up – What Are You Getting Fired Up About?

Vincent Jones, Buffalo, NY, WNY Men, Director – Bethesda Full Gospel, Men’s Leader

What are you getting fired up about? A Fireman’s guide through scripture about getting fired up for Christ.

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