When:   February 18, 2017

Where:   Grace Evangelical Covenant Church, Clay, NY

The Pass the Torch Leaders Conference is a North American leader’s conference designed to equip Christian Service Brigade leadership of all age groups as well as Men’s Ministry Leaders in general.


You have important work to do and we are here to help you.

As men, we are given a mandate in 2 Timothy 2:2 to be integral in very important and significant work. As CSB and men’s ministry leaders, we are involved in the great enterprises of God, advancing His Kingdom and completing the foundational work.  Paul reminds Timothy in 2 Timothy chapter 4 that he must continue this work because soon there will come a time when truth will seem to disappear, error would seem to triumph, and men would believe in myths and fables.

Men and boys WILL be discipled but will they be discipled by you or the world?

The only question is what worldview they will be discipled into and who will be doing that discipling. If we aren’t intentional in passing on truth, the world will pass on to our boys and young men myths and fables. The Pass the Torch Leaders Conference will be a time to receive specific training for leaders in Christian Service Brigade and Men’s Ministry Leaders in your church as well as some great fellowship with like minded men from all over North America.

Don’t leave without taking a look at what we are offering in only a day.

Take a look at our training sessions don’t miss this opportunity to be inspired and equipped for the work of discipleship and leadership that God has called you to. Please join the staff of CSB Ministries, as well as representatives from Iron Sharpens Iron, Camp Hickory Hill, and Man in the Mirror on Saturday, February 18th, 2017


Multiple workshops!

In one day you will have the chance to hear from men who are experts in their area of ministry. We’ve chosen topics that will be really useful as you seek to serve the men, young men, and boys back home.



Sometimes the best part of a conference like this is what you will learn by talking with other men involved in the same ministry. We’ve carved out time specifically to give you an opportunity to connect with other men. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn from each other.