Discipleship Materials for Teen Guys

QUEST SERIES: Discipleship In Action equips men with powerful discipleship materials to disciple teen guys. These discipleship resources are designed for young men between the ages of 13 and 18. They give men a pathway to help teen guys understand and apply biblical principles to ALL areas of their lives.

Men Mentoring Teen Guys on a Quest Toward Biblical Manhood

Developed through our signature Battalion ministry – Designed for use in any one-on-one or small group discipleship of teen guys!

The QUEST SERIES discipleship guides offer men an exciting way to lead young men on a biblical path toward mature manhood. These guides use an action-based learning model. Mentors will guide teen guys on a journey of experiencing God’s Word by living it out. Quest Series uses a dynamic process of integrating life experiences with Bible study, memory, and application.

Adventure Trails: Quest for Manhood

Our first book in QUEST SERIES: Discipleship in Action is called Adventure Trails: Quest for Manhood. This teen discipleship guide draws upon a young man’s desire to learn through experience. But he’s not alone. He is guided on the path to authentic manhood by mentors. 

The teen guy advances through a total of six quests, each consisting of eight or nine adventures. Each adventure disciples him toward biblical manhood.

Leadership Trails: Quest for Servant Leadership

The second book in the QUEST SERIES is Leadership Trails: Quest for Servant Leadership. This discipleship guide provides challenging and purposeful steps for leadership development of teen guys. It is an indispensable tool for advancing the discipleship of young men who displays leadership potential. 

Leadership Trails: Quest for Servant Leadership helps men disciple teen guys through biblical introspection of their own leadership development while actively experiencing various leadership roles.