Thank you for taking this step toward becoming more intentional in the discipleship of your son or another boy.

Mentoring Out of the Box 1 X 1 is designed by men for men who:

  • desire to grow in their relationship with their son or another boy in need of a male mentor. 
  • wish to create an Adventure that consists of shoulder-to-shoulder, hands-on activity.
  • desire to create lasting memories with their son or another boy while weaving into the Adventure times of interaction, fun and faith-based teachable moments.

In the Mentoring Out of the Box 1 x1: Amphibian Adventure product prototype (concept) box you received, you will find great ideas and suggestions to successfully plan and go on an Amphibian Adventure of your choice. These Mentoring Adventures are focused on relationship-building and are designed for the man and boy to experience powerful moments of sharing and learning together.

With over 80 years of experience in coming alongside of men who desire to invest in the next generation, CSB Ministries knows how to provide what you need to be effective in mentoring a boy.

The included Mentor’s Gameplan begins with an overview of the Amphibian Adventure. It also provides a Mentor’s Discipleship Equipping Tip and a Faith-based Teachable Moment for the boy.

Each Mentoring Adventure is set up for two separate occasions:

  • Planning the Adventure together 
  • Executing the Adventure together

There is a Trail Sign (Scripture Verse) for use during each of the two activity times.

As the Mentor, this easy to follow guide provides you with flexibility in personalizing your Amphibian Adventure.  Then comes the first activity time where you learn together with your mentee about the Amphibian Adventure and helps you both to plan for your shared adventure. On the second activity time, you will go your adventure together. And at the end of your adventure, this guide provides ideas for follow up application and how to debrief your Adventure.

The product’s included Adventure Activity Book for the boy provides interesting facts about the Amphibian Adventure, including the Faith-Based Teachable Moment and Trail Signs. It includes additional fun activities  that provide for additional mentoring opportunities. There’s also a set of Collectable Trading Cards that provides information on a select set of amphibians. Note: Activity Answer key will be available on Mentoring Out of the Box website).

It is our prayer that Mentoring Out of the Box 1 X 1 will deepen your relationship with your son or mentee and that it will be only the first of many more Adventures together!

Please take your time in answering the survey questions below. It should take you about 15-20 minutes or so.

Understand, your answers will help us to make a BETTER product that helps men to make an investment in the mentoring and discipleship of boys in need. All of your answers and feedback is incredibly valuable to us and we thank you ahead of time for sharing!

If you’d like to speak with us, feel free to reach out to either

Joel Fiscus (content) –  or

Bob Britton (design) –


Your Fellow Adventurers,

Mentoring Out of the Box 1 X 1 team

Scott Haima, Joel Fiscus, Arden Musselman and Bob Britton



We are looking forward to receiving your valuable feedback about this new product concept!

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