The Torchbearers

The Torch must still be passed

When Joe Caughlin placed a Bible, a sword, and a torch in front of a handful of boys and told the story of the Torchbearer he could not have imagined that 85 years later millions of men and boys would have been impacted forever by the ministry that grew from that one night.

The story of the torchbearer and the symbol of the torch remains a potent and important symbol at the heart of our ministry mission.

The problem is not a lack of demand, but a lack of awareness.

Over the past few decades our ministry footprint has shrunk dramatically and that has caused us to ask, “Do churches still want a ministry like ours?” That question has been answered in a myriad of ways in the absolute affirmative. Churches know they need boys and men to be disciples and when they see our ministry in action they wonder why they didn’t start earlier.

We urgently need torchbearers   

Our ministry has reached a critical point. We need to grow the number of churches utilizing our ministry to continue to support our leaders properly. This is not a matter of a lack of demand (but rather.. .  this needs something more)

  • We need to grow awareness
  • We need passionate advocates to do so 
  • We need torch bearers. 
  • We need you!

We have been trying as a staff to respond to this significant need on our own internally and that was a mistake. You are the lifeblood and passion of this ministry. You are the ones who can best communicate with passion the unique and life changing effect that this ministry can have on individuals, families, and churches. Your Brigade story and the testimonies of transformed lives in your unit is a compelling reason for someone to start a Brigade unit. 

We should have communicated this need earlier and more clearly. We’ve never doubted your willingness to be a part of the solution. Will you say yes and answer the invitation to use your gifts to forward the mission of Christian Service Brigade.We need you to work alongside us as we promote the ministry of Christian Service Brigade together. 

The help we need from you:

  • The main need we have is to raise awareness about our ministry. 
  • When people think of discipleship, especially men discipling the next generation, they should think of us first. 
  • When there are news articles about scouting and christian alternatives, we should be at the top of that list.

Our alumni, we want them to know we are still impacting lives and they have an even bigger role to play in passing the torch.

What we need 

  1. Will you commit to talking to your pastoral staff about our ministry?
  2. Will you commit to talking to your network of friends and parents about our ministry?
  3. Will you help open doors so that more boys and men can find the life change that you and your family have through this unique ministry?
  4. Will you look at some of the other needs below and find some way to help?