TREKS equips men to build relationships with boys using specific topics over a twelve week period.

TREKS is designed for optimum flexibility and can be used just as easily for large groups of boys and men as for one-to-one mentoring with fathers and sons. TREKS can flex into family devotions or an existing church program, yet is substantial enough to become its own feature. Fun games, exciting projects and life-related stories inspire men and boys and encourage character development and lasting relationships.

TREKS is a great tool to get a taste of an action based discipleship approach designed for guys. Some churches actually use TREKS as an activity-driven alternative to traditional Sunday School curriculum.

TREKS is designed to use with boys in elementary and middle school. There are eight TREKS Guides available with twelve distinct lessons in each. The complete Treks collection contains 288 unique lesson – four years of weekly lessons for the average school year.