ANNOUNCING:  UNTORN Podcast with Jay Trainer and Christian Service Brigade

Christian Service Brigade is proud to announce  a powerful new podcast made for men!

Jay Trainer, our Eastern Great Lakes Regional Director and founder of Infuzion, an itinerant youth ministry team, is re-launching his Untorn podcast in partnership with Christian Service Brigade.

Over the next coming weeks and months, Jay and the staff of Christian Service Brigade will be bringing you regular podcasts to help to “Better Equip Men Today for the Legacy to come Tomorrow.

Each new podcast release will feature relevant, inspiring, and helpful information to help men take faith-based actions each and everyday in building better lives for themselves, their families, and their communities.



Jay Trainer
Eastern Great Lakes Regional Director



Men of Conviction: Stories from the Field

Tune in to this fresh new series launching in April! Jay Trainer will interview Christian Service Brigade Field Staff regarding their focus and desire for their work in ministry specific with Christian Service Brigade. With each new episode, you will learn more about the men behind the ministry as Jay peels back the cover to take a look at the men who make Christian Service Brigade work.

Seven Points of Valor

Tune in to this fresh new series launching this summer. Jay Trainer will take a look at Brigade’s “Seven Points of Valor”. The Seven Points of Valor include:

Honor. Courage. Chivalry. Purity. Loyalty. Obedience. Dedication.

Each point of Valor, a key component of Battalion, Brigade’s program for male youth 12-18,  has an important role and application in the lives of men, young men, and boys who are learning to become godly men. 

Jay will dig deep into each Point of Valor, helping to review the core aspects of each. These episodes are invaluable in helping MEN to “Build Godly Men of Today and Tomorrow,” Christian Service Brigade’s driving mission.