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Christian Service Brigade is proud to announce a powerful podcast made for men – VALOR Conversations. 

Christian Service Brigade will be bringing you regular podcasts to help to “Better Equip Men Today for the Legacy to come Tomorrow.

With the goal of equipping and enlightening, each new podcast release will feature relevant, inspiring, and helpful information to help men take faith-based actions each and everyday in building better lives for themselves, their families, and their communities.

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Hosted by Jay Trainer, our National Media Director, speaker, and Professor at Roberts Wesleyan in Rochester, NY.

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  • Ep. 19 - Tune-Up: Events & Programs with Josh Tallman August 5, 2022
    Josh Tallman has been involved in many different areas both as a student and leader in Christian Service Brigade. His current area of passion is to assist in some of the program development for discipleship purposes both regionally and nationally. Hear his heart on the value of events and programs for Brigade resources.
    Jay Trainer
  • Ep. 18 - Tune-Up: Unit Advocate Initiative with Ed Babcock and Joel Fiscus July 29, 2022
    CSB Ministries is pleased to announce a new initiative called Unit Advocate. This is to assist in helping our leaders make an even greater impact on the local church level. Ed Babcock (CSB Alumni Association member) and Joel Fiscus (CSB Vice President) discuss the details of this upcoming initiative!
    Jay Trainer
  • Ep. 17 - Tune-Up: Record Keeping with Jim Szczodrowski July 22, 2022
    Jim Szczodrowski has been a leader with Unit 2047 at Orchard Park Wesleyan in Western New York for several decades. He joins this podcast to talk about the importance of record keeping and its role for effective ministry. Hear some of Jim's backstory and lessons he has learned over the years working in ministry.
    Jay Trainer
  • Ep. 16 - Tune-Up: Legacy Perspective with Jerry Smith July 15, 2022
    Jerry Smith has served in Brigade leadership for 15 years at Unit 1180 in Northeastern Ohio. He shares a very unique perspective that focuses on having a legacy of humility and what it means to "pass the torch". Enjoy hearing his thoughts on being sensitive to the Holy Spirit.
    Jay Trainer
  • Ep. 15 - Tune-Up: Relationship Focus with Alex Mull & Mark Fiscus July 8, 2022
    Alex Mull and Mark Fiscus are leaders at Unit 8034 in Stillwaters Presbyterian in Pennsylvania. Both leaders have different approaches as it relates to relational focus and development in a Brigade Unit. Tune in to hear their incredible perspectives on how their unit works from a relational perspective.
    Jay Trainer
  • Ep. 14 - Tune-Up: Goal-Setting with David Droppa July 1, 2022
    David Droppa is an active Chairman of Unit 2760 at Allegheny Center Alliance Church in Pittsburgh, PA. Goal-setting is an important attribute for Dave and his team as they lead young men in Battalion. He takes time to share some insights about how goal-setting has helped his time in ministry.
    Jay Trainer
  • Ep. 13 - Tune-Up: Storytelling with Dave Dixon June 24, 2022
    Dave Dixon is an expert storyteller and long time Brigade Chairman at Unit 1540 at Claremont Bible Chapel in California. He is also a former woodshop teacher in high school. Dave shares his expertise in storytelling with everyone and provides resources for you to strengthen you storytelling skills. Resources available at Email Dave at […]
    Jay Trainer
  • Ep. 12 - Tune-Up Series: Schedule Planning with Coit Morrison & David Taylor, Jr. June 17, 2022
    Coit Morrison and David Taylor, Jr. are Brigade leaders with Unit 2733 located in South Carolina. Coit and David join in kicking off a new series called Brigade Tune-Up: Gearing up your local unit for the upcoming ministry year. They share their experience and challenges in planning out the calendar and schedule for their local […]
    Jay Trainer
  • Ep. 11 - Intergenerational Ministry with Mike Young June 10, 2022
    Mike Young is the Founder and Executive Director of Noble Warriors. He is a friend of Christian Service Brigade and shares his experiences with intergenerational ministry in the context of Noble Warriors. Mike believes in the call and continuation of discipleship as the core element to any effective men's ministry program.
    Jay Trainer
  • Ep. 10 - Intergenerational Ministry with Chuck Stecker June 3, 2022
    Chuck Stecker is the Founder and Executive Director of A Chosen Generation. He also is a former CSB Ministries board member. Chuck sits down to discuss the importance and value of intergenerational discipleship and ministry to young people today.
    Jay Trainer

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