Valor Conversations Podcast

Christian Service Brigade is proud to announce a powerful podcast made for men – VALOR Conversations. 

Christian Service Brigade will be bringing you regular podcasts to help to “Better Equip Men Today for the Legacy to come Tomorrow.

With the goal of equipping and enlightening, each new podcast release will feature relevant, inspiring, and helpful information to help men take faith-based actions each and everyday in building better lives for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Listen to Valor Conversations by clicking “Listen Now,” on the logo for you’re favorite podcast source, or on an episode in the feed below!

Hosted by Jay Trainer, our National Media Director, speaker, and Professor at Roberts Wesleyan in Rochester, NY.

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  • Ep. 33 - Merry Christmas & Season's Greetings December 23, 2022
    Remember during this holiday season that God is with you and God is for you.Merry Christmas to you and yours!
    Jay Trainer
  • Ep. 32 - Cultural Living and Expression with Dave Gregg December 9, 2022
    Dave Gregg serves as the CSB Ministries Regional Director of Northern California. He has a deep passion for culture and the expression within it. This episode features great insight on Godly cultural living in the context of everyday life.
    Jay Trainer
  • Ep. 31 - Camp Community Culture with Zach Bashore November 18, 2022
    Zach Bashore joins Valor Conversations to discuss how the camp that he leads impacts different parts of the local community through outreach and work projects. Zach is the Executive Director of Christian Retreat Center in East Waterford, PA.
    Jay Trainer
  • Ep. 30 - Cultural Unity in Christ with Elmo Winters November 4, 2022
    Elmo Winters from Kingdom Group International joins Valor Conversations to discuss cultural reconciliation and unity in Christ. He discusses his own ministry efforts and shares how this Kingdom Group has been successful in equipping people with the call to racial and spiritual reconciliation.
    Jay Trainer
  • Ep. 29 - Cultural Generosity with Steve Clark October 28, 2022
    Steve Clark is a friend, minister, and someone who really wants to impact culture on all levels. He has a heart for reaching people that are often associated with being on the fringe of culture. Steve serves as the Executive Director of Delta Lake Bible Conference and Generous Brands -- a social enterprise of Haven […]
    Jay Trainer
  • Ep. 28 - Cultural Safety Mindset with Rick Capozzi October 21, 2022
    Rick Capozzi is the founder and coach of the CapozziGroup and Survival Mindset. He joins Valor Conversations to discuss the issue of safety and the development of it within different settings, contexts, and cultures.
    Jay Trainer
  • Ep. 27 - Men's Ministry Culture with Tony Stephens October 7, 2022
    Pastor Tony Stephens joins this episode to discuss the nature of the culture of men's ministry programs. Tony is the founding pastor of Stillwaters Presbyterian Church and continues to partner with CSB Ministries, discipling men and boys in his local church.
    Jay Trainer
  • Ep. 26 - Sexual Integrity in Culture with Nick Liberto September 30, 2022
    Nick Liberto joins in to discuss the nature of sexual integrity that is needed in culture today. Nick is the Executive Director of Proven Ministries, grew up in Brigade, and currently serves as a CSB Ministries board member.
    Jay Trainer
  • Ep. 25 - Urban Cultural Ministry with Ryan Dewey September 23, 2022
    Ryan Dewey works for CRU at Buffalo State College and for the Buffalo School District. Dewey shares his story of coming back to the Greater Buffalo area after spending time ministering in other places, discussing what the urban cultural ministry is like in today's world.
    Jay Trainer
  • Ep. 24 - Cultural Empathy with Ben Espinoza September 16, 2022
    Ben Espinoza serves as the Vice President of Northeastern Seminary on the campus of Roberts Wesleyan University. He joins this episode of the podcast to encourage people to be proactive in having healthy conversations and empathy with individuals from all walks of life.
    Jay Trainer

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