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What is the Brigade Watchword App?

Brigade Watchword is an app designed specifically for parents, alumni and Brigade unit leaders. Pick the types of Bible and devotional content relevant to you and have it sent to your phone at the times of the day that are right for you.

View the tabs below for some of the cool app features or take a look at Tom’s story to hear how the Brigade Watchword App helped him grow in his relationship with God.

• Receive encouraging verses sent to you throughout the day
• Get God’s word on topics such as on money, worry, anger, comfort, encouragement and more
• Take a spiritual profile and have material custom fit for you
• Equip yourself to tackle tough issues faced by today’s boys
• The role of fathers in growing godly sons
• How moms can foster biblical manhood in their boys.
How to talk to your sons about temptation, honesty, integrity and following God
• How to recruit leaders for your unit
• Tips on fostering support within your church
• How to get parents involved
• Getting the most from the Achievement Model
• The importance of the Brigade curriculum
• How to reconnect with CSB
• How to start a new unit
• Volunteer opportunities

A True Story

How one college student used the Watchword app to start spending time with God.

Here are a few screen shots. Though the best way to see if the app is right for you is simply to download the app.

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