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Help Us Shape The Hearts Of Men and Boys

The aim of discipleship is not behavior modification but rather transformational shaping of the heart. We thank you for your faithful support and celebrate all the lives the Lord has transformed over 85 years using the ministry of Christian Service Brigade.

Our Experience Matters

Building young men into godly leaders is difficult to do alone, so we want to equip you with what we’ve learned about discipling boys and young men from over 85 years of ministry. We know that boys learn spiritual lessons best in the context of hands on activity under the discipleship of mature Christian men. No need for you to re-invent the wheel, we are eager to share! Find out more about getting started with us and all of the opportunities we have to offer below!

It’s no secret that our boys will be discipled by someone-the question is who will play that vital role? CSB helps to create a context designed for boys and men to thrive as they grow together.

The task of discipleship was given by Jesus to the Church. We seek to come alongside local churches in partnering with them to assist in that special calling.

If you are Brigade Leader you are engaged in vital work. We are here to support your important work. Connect with other leaders and access tools and resources here.

It takes a man to show a boy what being a man really means. Today more than ever it’s vital that men be given a place to pass the torch to the next generation.

VALOR Conversations Podcast

Christian Service Brigade is excited to announce the launch of the VALOR Conversations Podcast with Jay Trainer! You can find it on all major podcast platforms!

Brigade Alumni Association

Christian Service Brigade is excited to announce the launch of our Alumni Association!  Joining is free and will connect you with a growing community of men with shared experiences.  We are just getting started and have many exciting things to come!

Sign up to be a part of the Brigade Alumni Association Today!

StocKar Derby

StocKar Derby is the PREMIER SUPPLIER OF PINE WOOD RACING PRODUCTS and your BEST ONLINE RESOURCE for all the latest in pine wood derby news, resources, and products!  It is not just about building cars – it’s about building strong boys.

Check out for more information and design ideas below!

Mentoring Out Of The Box

Mentoring Out Of The Box is for men who want to become involved in mentoring boys but aren’t sure how to go about it.

Mentoring Out Of The Box was developed because each and every man has so much to offer to today’s boys. Dads. Uncles. Granddads. Guardians. Step-dads. Brothers. All men have what it takes to mentor!

The skills, knowledge, and wisdom you’ve developed over your lifetime can be vital in shaping and teaching boys.

Learn more and check out all that Mentoring Out Of The Box has to offer!

Don’t Take Our Word For It

CSB has impacted the lives of more than 1 Million men in our 84 years of ministry. Here are just a few examples.

“I strongly endorse the ministry of Christian Service Brigade and their vision of building godly men of today and tomorrow by helping churches challenge their men to invest in the next generation. They provide robust training and programming tools that both men and boys love.”
Patrick Morley, PhD, Author, Founder and Chairman of Man in the Mirror
“Iron Sharpens Iron encourages churches to build godly men with others in mind, but building men does not start after a man graduates from school and enters the workforce. It needs to start much earlier, and that is why I am a strong supporter of CSB and the great work they do in local churches across the nation.”
Brian and Barbara Doyle, Iron Sharpens Iron National Director
“What I really remember about CSB is not what we did or learned. I remember those men pouring their lives into me, living their lives in front of me, challenging and training me to live as a man of God. That’s the key: relationships.”
Brett Clemmer, President, Man in the Mirror
“CSB had a huge impact on my life. The relationships and mentoring from Godly men were crucial in my spiritual growth. the achievement oriented program helped me develop a self discipline that continues to influence me today […] The ministry/leadership tools I use today are a direct result of the skills I developed in the Brigade program.”
Keith Hadigade