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Our flexible programs and biblical based curriculum help establish a strong discipleship ministry in your church

Men Need Help Getting Started
and Staying Consistent

Let’s face it. Men are busy. Maintaining consistency is nearly impossible without help. How many times have we started something good but fizzled out without some structure and accountability.  Sometimes we never start because we didn’t really know where to begin. Our weekly meetings provide a consistent time and place within our busy lives to make sure that discipleship is taking place. Christian Service Brigade at your church will:

  • Help dad’s connect with their sons
  • Train young men for leadership
  • Strengthen your men’s ministry
  • Guide boys into a life of service
Learn About Each Program

All our programs find their life and effectiveness in the same things: the one on one mentoring, service, adventure, and learning that we do together. But each program is uniquely designed based on the age and needs of the boys to whom you intend to minister. You can find out a lot about our ministry by looking at the details of each program.

Grades K-2nd
Grades 3rd-6th
High School and Beyond

You Need More Than A Good Book

We combine all the necessary tools you need to help boys grow into godly men.


We provide the materials that both men and boys need: from handbooks that help facilitate to easy to use meeting guides and more.  Our curriculum offers an easy step by step guide.


Weekly meetings and events provide consistent time and place where it is natural for men and boys to grow together in a healthy and God honoring way.


You immediately become a part of our long and rich culture. Our meaningful history traditions, language, and standards, ground boys and men in something bigger than themselves.

The Big Surprise!

You start helping boys and find out that the men are growing too!

When men serve their local church by starting Christian Service Brigade, they think that they're going to be serving boys. And that's true. But what they don't realize is that in following the footsteps of Jesus, by serving, they're actually building bonds between one another, friendships that never would have existed. Men can get involved in the local church where there wasn't a place for them previously, and this is why we recognize that Christian Service Brigade is an extension of men's ministry.

We minister to this generation of men by giving a context where a band of brothers is developed where the aim is not simply their own benefit, but the primary aim is that of service. This is the best way for men to grow. Active service together.

We Help you Disciple the Whole Boy

Once You Say, "Yes"!

When you sign up, we  help with training, guide you through our resources and get you up and running within a few weeks.  We also partner you with an experienced Alumni Unit Advocate that is there to encourage, assist, and pray for you.
The goal is to meet once a week and blend in a mix of purposeful action, learning modules, adventures and service projects throughout the ministry year with camp opportunities during the summer.
From Kindergarten through manhood we have proven programs that move energetic, adolescent boys into mature, experienced men leading and living a life of service

A cutting edge online platform for leader resources, training, and community.

  • Get the best leadership info in the eMagazine.
  • Discuss relevant topics with other leaders.
  • Build an online community for your local unit.
  • Become a certified Brigade Leader

We Provide Comprehensive Discipleship Materials

Leaders Guides

Guiding the man through each meeting

The Leaders Guides provide everything that a man needs to lead the weekly meeting. Games, projects, stories, Bible lessons, and memory work are all provided in an easy to use format. Each Leaders Guide is broken into a four week module built around an interest area with a related spiritual focus helping the boy to grow as a whole person.

Trail Books

Guiding the boy through 12 years of growth

The Trail Books facilitate a strong foundation in the 4 areas of personal growth outlined above. They are structured to facilitate the involvement of the boy’s mentor helping him learn early on that he’s not alone in his journey. The Trail Book, in addition to providing good content, provides a point of contact between the boy and the man discipling him.

Mens Resources

Helping to sharpen and equip

Over our decades of service we have compiled supplemental resources to assist men and dads in their task of discipleship. From resources on leading a father son outing, responding to discipline situations during a meeting, books on games, to a complete leader training program, these resources are available to help our leaders.

Using Achievement

Our achievement process is not just about earning badges. Relationships with mature Christian men is the heart of our ministry and our achievement program is the backbone to that process of growth.

Discipleship and teaching are not the same thing. Growing in knowledge is a vital component to discipleship, but discipleship has far more to do with learning to be like the men we follow than the information that we are given.

We use achievement to build a bridge between boys and Christ and between boys and godly men. This is done at the same time the boys are learning important things about God, themselves, others, and how to live in this world in a way that will glorify God.

We'd Love To Hear From You!

Sorry you couldn't find what you needed, but whatever your question, need, encouraging word, or good idea, we're eager to hear it! And we'll work to get back to you within one business day.