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Where mentoring Begins

While our Tree Climber program connects dads and sons, Stockade expands this to other men in the church. 

Stockade provides men with the tools needed to start building godly men with boys aged 8-11. Boys are discipled toward Christ and biblical manhood through a comprehensive process of life skills, physical and mental activities, fun, service, achievement, Bible memory, and stories. Adult Christian men serve as role models and demonstrate Christian manhood in action.

The Stockade ministry can assist a church in building dedicated disciples of Jesus Christ through allowing them to see Christian masculinity modeled regularly.

3 program componants

How It Works

The emphasis in Battalion is on Leadership development under the mentorship of older men. The Battalion program, materials, events, and culture are designed to help develop well-rounded and Biblically well-grounded young men who have learned through experience to be servant leaders.


weekly meetings

Brigade provides everything men need to so that boys not only get an experience designed for the unique needs of boys, but they learn about God, His Word, and his world.


individual mentoring

Our “Trail Guide” materials are designed to help each boy as he grows “in wisdom, stature, and in favor with God and others.” Where possible a mentor walks together with the boy in partnership with his parents as the materials encourage his growth.


Adventure Together

Boys learn best while active and men grow together best while working and serving together. Through events, service, and adventure deeper relationship building happens. We help you build this into your ministry calendar.

Guided Weekly Meetings

We have busy men in mind​

How we Make It Easy

“Leaders Guides” give men everything they need to execute the “modules” that fill the content of each weekly meeting. 

  • Easy lists of resources
  • Prep check-lists
  • Projects
  • Stories
  • Game suggestions

We make preparation and executions easy.

Word & World

Our “modules” connect God’s world to God’s Word by taking an interesting part of God’s world and building spiritual principles intro the experience of discovery.

The Stockade may be discovering siege weapons together, for instance, but they will also be learning about suffering and tangible ways to help and show compassion to others.n

Some Leader Guide Examples

A Typical Stockade Evening

Shaping a Boys Heart

Below you can see a typical Stockade evening. Each Stockade is broken up into smaller groups called Posts small enough for men to provide proper oversight and instruction. Some components are done as a large group  and some  as posts.

As the boys arrive, leaders welcome them and get them involved in informal activities or games by posts (small groups). During this time the men call the individual boys and check achievements. This provides a flexible starting time; a structured yet informal beginning offers opportunities for men to welcome boys and give attention to individuals. The Post Leaders build relationships with the boys in their posts.

This is a line-up that quickly organizes the group. Prayer, announcements, and are made and this is a time for boys to practice respect for others and self control before transitioning to games.

The action-packed game period provides organized physical activity. We encourage healthy competition but skill development, sportsmanship, and fun are what we emphasize as we use this time to mold character and to build group cohesion. This also allows boys to expend energy before a time of listening. Game suggestions are provided to leaders in the weekly curriculum as well as an simple list of equipment for easy preparation.

This small group post time a part of the organized module the Stockade is working on together. Activities related to the skill and spiritual emphasis of the module are always provided to leaders in the weekly curriculum as well as an easy to use list of materials for easy preparation. Activities may involve a craft project, science experiment, Bible story, or other activity. This includes scripture memory integrated into the module being worked through by the group (i.e. Flight and Faith, Bikes, Boards and Buddies, etc). Group achievement motivates individual achievement. Learning and exploring together is fun and provides common experiences that help build peer friendships and healthy relationships with the adult leaders.

This time helps the boys apply the theme of the meeting to their lives. It also helps them to understand that they can and should follow through on what the Bible teaches. CSB focuses not simply on learning the Bible but on helping the boy apply what he has learned through teaching and through modeling.

We use Stockade Honors as a special time to present awards that boys have earned. This helps motivate boys toward greater accomplishments by acknowledging them.

We tell a story at the end of the meeting to grab a boy’s attention, giving them an illustration of what they can do about what they have learned. The story encourages spiritual growth and Christian character development. This can be an opportune time to invite a guest speaker such as a missionary, expert in the interest area the Stockade is exploring at the time, or a pastor. Often this is a time in which the gospel can be explicitly presented. Boys hear from men that they admire and respect.

This vital component of each weekly meeting allows the men to discuss the meeting and to pray for any needs, plan for next week, and builds leadership teamwork and communication.

Why Mentoring?

You will notice that we don’t just talk about mentoring or hope it happens, we emphasize it and build it into our culture and materials.

This is because boys don’t learn to become men by being handed a book. Masculinity is handed down and modeled.

The Trail Books

Guided Personal Growth

One-on-one discipleship happens as the boy works through his Trail books with a mentor. There are four Trail Books, one for each year the boy is in Stockade. The Trail Books include Bible reading, memory verses, outdoor and practical skills, and opportunities to grow in his various relationships. Each boy meets regularly with his mentor  where he directs and encourages the boy’s growth in Christ. Trail Books are not just for the good things a boy learns, but with whom he learns!


Builder Trails 1


Builder Trails 2


Sentinel Trails 1


Sentinel Trails 2

The trail books

Building Well rounded Boys...

Who Understand the Bible

God’s Word is the foundation of everything a boy will be and do in life. We seek to give him a good biblical foundation and to point him to growth in his church.

Who Can Apply Biblical Truth

The Trail Guide content aids a mentor to help the boy apply lessons from what he is learning to his own life in practical ways.

Who Have Strong Minds

Our minds are a gift to serve God and others. The Trail Guides help shape a thinking man who understands how to “bring all his thoughts into captivity to Christ.”

With Gods Word in Their Hearts

Who Love the People Around Them

We provide practical and fun opportunities for boys to practice important social skills as real word opportunities to love their family, friends, neighbors, and even their “enemies.”

Who are Passionate for Service

Our middle name is “service” after all and our ministry culture helps shape a boy’s heart so that he not only learns to see opportunities for service, but develops skills and the initiative to serve with eagerness.


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