Create Your Fundraising
Dashboard and Portal:

Using our easy to use template gives you a personal website to share with friends and family.  You can add pictures, set a goal, invite team members, and keep track of your gifts all from this page.  You can also use our templates to send emails or create your own to post. 

Go HERE to create a quick log in and get started!

Let’s  Help You Set Up Your Fundraising Page


Get Your Socials On

Donors are using social media more and more.  Facebook is an easy way to create awareness for your cause and ask for support.  Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are great ways to let everyone know the event is coming up.  If you create a Facebook fundraiser be sure to tell us how much you raised so we can add it to your fundraising dashboard!

Template for Social Posts (Like Facebook)

E-mail Still Rocks

Email is still one of the most effective ways to fundraise.  Email everyone in your contacts, you’ll be surprised who donates to a cause that is important to you.  Once you create your dashboard you can use our emails to easily send out an invitation to your friends and family with an easy link.

Sample e-mails: 

For Sending To Your Brigade Parents

For Sending To Family and Friends

Tell Your Story

Have you been impacted by Brigade?  Telling your story is a great way to engage your friends and family and encourage them to donate.  If you have pictures from your time in Brigade be sure to post them!

Checks are not extinct . . . yet!

Some donors want to give by check.  No prob, Bob!  Have them send the check directly to us.  Make it out to Christian Service Brigade and send to PO BOX 1010, Hamburg NY 14075

Make sure they send a note or write your name in the memo so we credit their gift to your fundraising goal.  

Fundraising Tips (Especially for the Introvert)

Start with family and friends
The easiest way to baby step into fundraising is with people you know and love.  They will be so proud of you and are usually happy to donate right away.  
Turn Fundraising into FUN!
Create a challenge with your team or unit, set some goals and see who can get to it first!
We have some fun prizes at different levels, check them out HERE.  Do you know any cool bike tricks?  Maybe post a few on your socials to add awareness for the upcoming ride.  Every Tuesday you can post “Trick Tuesday” to raise support.  Map out your route so your supporters can follow you the day you ride.  Post pictures!!
Be friends with the internet
We know if you’re introverted, door to door sales is probably not your thing.  Communicating through writing is the perfect place to use the internet as a fundraising friend.  Social media and email is an easy way to get the word out and ask friends to share your cause.  Send text messages and remind them that it’s not about the amount —every bit helps.  
You’ve got this!
Connect with people in your small groups, teams, dance class, school, teachers, colleagues and coaches.  Just let them know you’ll be biking for a great cause and see where the conversation leads.

We appreciate your support and are excited to help you in any way you need.

If you have any questions contact Christian at

Let’s ride!!