This May 2023 let's ride together and support a ministry we love! 

Invite friends, family, and neighbors to ride with you in the Bike-a-thon! You choose the dates, any time in the month of May. The number of miles isn’t important, riding together to support a great cause is the reason. There is no cost to ride with us! A Pedaling For A Purpose t-shirt is included with donation of at least $30 or more. If Brigade has impacted you in a powerful way, grab your bike and helmet, and shout, “LET’S RIDE!”

Not Riding With Us This Year?


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We've Made it Easy.

We’re not asking you to go door to door unless that excites you. Instead we have a bunch of ways to help you and many of them are simple and don’t take much time at all! Regardless of the methods you choose we’re with you every step of the way!

Use Your Dashboard

Using our easy to use template gives you a personal website to share with friends and family. Add pictures, set a goal, invite team members, and keep track of your gifts all from this page. You can also use our templates to send emails or create your own to post.

Step By Step Tutorial

Christian shows you how to create a really cool fundraising page you can send to your friends, family, and social media.



While young men across the country learn about the importance of loving God and loving others in their local Brigade unit, you can help them by pedaling for a purpose. For the month of May, you are back in Brigade! Join fellow alumni and current participants to raise support for a great cause!

Do you remember your unit number? Write it down and pin it to your front and back as you ride.
Remember the amazing experience you had in Brigade and the life changing impact it had on you? Pedal for a Purpose and give a boy the same opportunity you had as a kid.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q:  Are we getting sponsored per mile we ride?
A:  No, you get to ride however and wherever you want as an individual or a team. It’s flexible! Encourage people to sponsor the event, not necessarily each mile. (If you want to set a mileage goal, that’s great!)

Q:  How do people donate?
A:  First register HERE and then you can create your own page to raise funds. As soon as you register, we will send you a detailed email on how to get started, including how to start a Facebook fundraiser, email your friends and family and other tools to help you get started.

Q:  Is my donation tax deductible?
A:  Yes!  CSB is a recognized non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible.  Keep your electronic receipt to verify your gift.  If you need a more detailed receipt you can email Christian:

Q:  Can someone sponsor me directly?
A:  Absolutely! Just send them the link to the page you created and they can select you to sponsor.
That money will go towards your overall goal!

Q:  How can someone find me so they can be my sponsor?

A:  There are two ways they can find you!  First, you can directly send them the link to your fundraising page.  Second, if they go to our main fundraising page they can look you up by searching your name there and donate to you that way!

Q:  How do I get started with fundraising?
A:  We have a helpful collection of tips right HERE!

Q:  If our team raises the goal level amounts for a prize, do we all get the prize?
A:  Each prize is gifted to the individual, so teams can work towards a goal together, but prizes will be awarded for individual levels reached.

Q:  Is there an age limit to ride?
A:  We encourage everyone to take part. That’s why it’s so flexible, anyone can help support Brigade by riding.

If you have more questions, please contact Christian at: 716-526-0026 or