About Dave Gregg

Men have the God given honor and responsibility of training the next generation of men to lead and love in their families, churches and society. But knowing that this needs to be done, and knowing HOW to get it done are often two different things. Christian Service Brigade is a 75 year old organization that has been dedicated to helping men accomplish this vital task through: Training, equipping and encouraging men for ministry Empowering men to use their own gifts, talents and experience to teach the truth of God's Word. Encouraging young men and boys to grow in Christ-likeness through relationships with godly men, applying Scripture to daily life, serving Christ together, and memorizing God's Word. Providing materials that give men a practical, fun and dynamic way to disciple young men and boys for Christ. Fostering the skill of fathering through mutual father/son experiences. Our family is excited to be serving with an organization so uniquely positioned to answer this timely and vital need. If you are interested in seeing how we might be able to help you or someone you know develop a strategy for discipleship feel free to email me.
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