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Can I just purchase materials

Some of our materials such as our Merch and our StocKar Derby Supplies are available to anyone. Feel free to head on over to the CSB Shop and take a look.

But you may find that some things you are looking for appear to be missing. Many of our materials, patches, and our other resources are only available to registered units.

So if you are at the store and you can’t find the patches, it’s because you either are not registered or you’re not logged in to your account.

If you are visiting Brigade Leader Online and you notice that you can’t access training, resources, or posts, it’s because some of our tools on Brigade Leader Online are only available to registered units.

You can access our full suite of materials and resources in one of the following ways:

  • Contact us to Start a unit and register
  • Register your unit if the annual registration has expired
  • Login to the store or to brigade leader if your unit is registered and you can’t access what you want.

If you have any issues just let us know!

Updated on October 14, 2023

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