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How does CSB differ from other similar ministries

The answer depends on the ministry you are talking about, and we are experts on CSB not on those other ministries. But we can share a few things that we think help set us apart.

  1. We have been doing this since 1937. That’s a lot of collective experience!
  2. We tend to be quite a bit cheaper both at the church level and per boy. There really are no hidden costs.
  3. We have decades of deep culture and traditions that no one else has. These deep roots help us to stay focused and give us a lot of experience to draw upon.
  4. We have an amazing online system for supporting the men who are leading called Brigade Leader Online. Feel free to take a look at that tool and we think you’ll agree its a great resources that we don’t think similar ministries have.
  5. We are a pretty special group of people and you get us! That’s something to consider!

Updated on October 14, 2023

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